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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Max Makeout

Max doesn't let things get too far. He tells Chelsea to cool it and she asks why. He says he was about to ask the same thing. She says she wasn't looking for an engagement ring and he says he is with Abby. Chelsea says Aunt Maggie isn't happy with them and he says he still cares about her. He wonders what's really going on and what she did.

Chelsea offers Max another beer and he asks what Abby did. She kept secrets - she knew about two things that Nick did and didn't warn her or anything. Max asks if jumping his bones is supposed to help. She says she feels ridiculous and like a freak and Max says she's perfectly normal. Max asks if she wouldn't protect a friend under a similar situation and Chelsea realizes that she may have overreacted. Max finds out that Nick slept with Billie. Chelsea says she can't believe that Abby didn't say anything to him. Chelsea wonders if she should just let it go and Max says she should accept responsibility for her own life.

Roman tells Abby he knows she took the hairbrush. She asks why she would take the hairbrush and he says he knows she did - and asks again where it is. Nick says perhaps he should leave her alone. He says perhaps the hairbrush wasn't stolen at all. She says that Roman can do a strip search all by himself and literally takes her top off revealing nothing underneath. Camera angles, of course, make so we see nothing. Roman tells her to put her gown back on and she tells him she didn't burn Bo's house. Roman leaves and Willow says she is totally screwed - the brush was her ticket out of the mess. Nick says he will fix things and goes outside to tell Roman that he knows that it wasn't Willow. Roman asks when Willow became his best friend.

Roman says he seems a bit too involved and warns him that Willow is trouble. He reminds him of the story of the Scorpion and the Toad - Willow will always be a scorpion. The police officer comes out of Willow's room and says the suspect is clean. Willow apologizes for flashing him and the commissioner and he says the only thing that matters is the hairbrush isn't there. Willow says she thinks she knows who really stole the brush - it was Chelsea. Nick says he knows that she didn't do it - she says perhaps she had someone do it for her. Before he leaves he tells her good luck and she says she hasn't had much luck lately. He goes outside and puts his head down and asks what he has gotten himself into.

Will asks Kate what's bothering her. She says even Google doesn't know who Brandy Mathis is. Will says the name just seems so familiar. Not too much later, Will plays Scrabble with Kate. Kate takes some letters out and plays with them - the letters of Brandy Mathis. She plays with the letters and it's not long until she is face to face with... Samantha Brady. She yells "that little bitch" twice. She throws the tiles and tells Will that she has to go and prove to someone that she was right.

EJ enjoys a drink at Chez Rouge and sees Philip, who says they need to talk. Philip says there has been a change of plans, by his authority. He asks what the point of having the cameras if EJ isn't going to be around to check on them - and so he tells EJ he has to give him the equipment or he will take it from him. EJ says he will let being threatened go. Philip says he will go and get the stuff from his apartment. EJ tells him he wants to be clear that he is not to cross him - there's always something he can find to do to him. They go back to EJ's and get the stuff and Philip says he doesn't know how to use it so they get Will from across the hall. Will agrees to help Philip with how to use the equipment.

Sami listens to EJ's message from yesterday and Lucas asks what's happening and she says she was just worried about Will. He says not to worry and tonight is all about the two of them - all night long. He tells her he got a chocolate fondue with lots of whipped cream. He suddenly stops and asks if she is into this and she says she is but it has been a long day and perhaps she could use a hot shower. He says he will join her and she gets a text message (who uses "phone ringing sound" for text messages?) She says she has to call her mother and then goes outside and finds Celeste - she tells Celeste that something has happened and it's not working.

Sami says her life is over. Celeste says she can make it to the cabin in time and Sami says she has a whole evening set with Lucas and can't get out. Celeste says she has a way - and takes out the lipstick. She says she can use it on Lucas - she doesn't have a choice. Sami says it's not that simple and Celeste says it really is. Sami asks for twenty minutes and she will meet her downstairs. Celeste tells her that she's doing the right thing. Sami goes inside the hotel room and puts on the lipstick. Lucas comes out and asks what is bothering her - though he likes her new lipstick. They nearly kiss about twice and she says that she was just worried about her mother. Lucas goes to call room service again to ask where it is - they are on their way up. He goes to kiss her again and she says she loves him so much.

There's a knock at the door and it's Kate. She says she has to talk to him about a conference next week in private. Sami says she will go and take a shower and after the shower sound starts, Kate says they need to go outside. They go outside and then Sami comes out and goes to the door. Kate says that after Lucas left EJ told him some details about his bride and Lucas says he's not interested. Kate shows him on a notepad that Brandy Mathis is the same as Samantha Brady. He nearly has convulsions from wrinkling his brows too much. Inside, Sami is on the phone with Celeste who says she has to hurry. Lucas says this must be retaliation for his threatening to go to the FCC - she is being played for a fool this evening. Kate says EJ and Sami are going to Vegas. He says she's crazy and goes back inside. Sami asks if everything is alright.

Kate runs into EJ and says she's onto him. She knows Brandy is Sami. Kate goes into Sami's and finds Philip. Will says that he came over with EJ and Philip gives him a "shut up" look. Kate asks Will to go into his room and asks Philip why he is so chummy with EJ.

Lucas says the only thing that matter is that she isn't wearing anything under her robe and she is still wearing her lipstick. He apologizes for his mother and says they will be together and recites the standard wedding vows. He swears he won't let anyone between them again. She says it's time to kiss the bride and he agrees and they kiss. She has a bit of cry on her face as they kiss and we freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 18, 2007 4:28 PM
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