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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Shocking Therapy!

Sami tells Celeste that she has to help EJ and she goes inside. He cries out to her and she and Celeste go back outside. Celeste convinces her they need to get away.

Kate hacks at the suite door with an axe. That won't get you arrested. A hotel employee finds her and says she needs to stop destroying hotel property and Kate says she will talk with the manager. Amazingly, he sides with her and he opens the suite door for him where Lucas thinks it's Sami. Kate tells him that Sami has done something to him. Lucas asks her why his mother is there and asks where Sami is. He has a bad headache and Kate says she was worried because she practically knocked the door down and he didn't hear. She tells him that EJ and Sami ran off together and he asks if she has been drinking. She tells him that Brandy Mathis is an anagram for Sami Brady - who is a witch who ran off with EJ and is out of his life for good. The witch comes out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and asks what the actual witch is doing there.

Shawn knocks on his door and asks Belle to let him in. He goes to find Gabby and she comes out - he asks for the pass key so he can get in. He opens the door and as Gabby apologizes for the previous evening Shawn finds the entire room is empty and Belle is gone. Gabby finds a note from Belle - it says she has left for Salem because she feels like they weren't partners. Shawn looks at a photo and has flashback-style memories of everything that brought them here while a whingy song plays. Gabby comes in and says she can't find them and wonders if Belle has said where she is going and Shawn says that they're going to Salem. Shawn says that Gabby kissing him gave him a wakeup call - he realizes that Belle is the only one for him. Gabby goes to look some more and Shawn has another look at the photo.

Kate tells the whole story of EJ nearly telling her the truth. Kate and Sami argue back and forth and Lucas says the whole thing is his fault. Lucas tells her she has to leave and Kate insists that Sami drugged Lucas. Sami admits to unplugging the house phone and putting his phone on silence. Kate says she won't leave until Sami explains how she ditched EJ and got back to the hotel so quickly. Kate and Lucas argue some more and Lucas pushes her out the door and then spots the axe damage and says she clearly needs therapy.

Sami sarcastically says that she went to Vegas with EJ after drugging Lucas, got married, and came back in time to be in the shower for Kate's visit. Kate says that's probably what happened. A little later, Lucas comes back and says he got rid of the ambulance. Lucas and Kate have yet another argument involving Kate saying she will never stop protecting him - especially from Sami. She leaves and they finally resume the kissing. She thinks about the burning cabin and EJ's yells.

Stephanie asks if Kayla thinks that Steve will really testify and Kayla says she hopes so. Bo comes in and they discuss how the doctor has been changed. Kayla tells them that she thinks that the reason Steve didn't want Stephanie around was because he knew she would get through to him. Stephanie worries about Steve going to jail and Bo says that he won't because he wasn't in control. They decide to go and get Steve.

Steve is strapped to a gurney getting electro-shock therapy. Doctor Jerkface tells him that he belongs to them. Not too much later, Bo and company come to visit and of course he has nothing to say. He stares and after a lot of questions he says he doesn't know what they're talking about. They find evidence of the shock therapy and Bo and Kayla go to find a doctor. Stephanie asks if what they did to him hurt and he says she should stop asking stupid questions. She asks if he loves her because if he does, he will tell them what they need to know. He says he must not love her. Stephanie tells this long story about how it always felt like he was there with them when she was growing up. She tells him that they aren't going to give up on him no matter what.

Kayla and Bo meet with Doctor Granger. Bo grabs Steve's file and Kayla asks if Steve had gotten electro shock therapy. Doctor Granger insists that he was beaten and there is no electro shock therapy. Kayla says they will get him out and the wicked Doctor says that he has been ordered by the court to be his sole caretaker. Bo looks at the order and says it's legitimate. Kayla says she will do whatever it takes to protect Steve from being tortured any further. The doctor says he is going to stop them from visiting because their visits are interfering and Stephanie rushes out and says she has to go home so they leave. Bo stays and tells the Doctor that he can tell EJ that it will take more than a court order to keep them away. Doctor Granger assures Bo that he's not working for a racecar driver.

Doctor Granger goes to see Steve and tells him that his family won't be visiting for a long time - and the good news is that they still have him. We freeze frame on Steve.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 24, 2007 4:00 PM
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