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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Scream Like You Mean It!

Shawn gets a phone call - it's his parents. It's nice to get a phone call after sex. Hope tells him he wants to talk with him about Willow. Shawn says it's all his fault for getting involved with a crazy woman. He doesn't even think that the baby is his. Given her former profession it could be just about anybody's baby. They discuss Philip's involvement with Willow and how Willow must have something he wants in order for the involvement to exist, and Shawn deduces that it must be his baby. Bo says that Philip may very well be on his way there and he can send him money. Bo says that without DNA evidence he's not sure it's really Shawn's baby. Shawn tells Belle that they have to leave and Belle says they should just stay and fight. Hope tells Bo that maybe they should talk to Willow about what is going to be best for her baby. Bo sees right through that - like them raising the baby? She thinks that would be a good idea.

Bo finds Billie at the door. He tells her that he wants to know how her security system got installed in his home. He says it had to have been EJ - someone with whom she surely sharing her bed. They argue everything EJ has or hasn't done, depending on whom you ask. Bo says if EJ didn't do it, it was Philip. Billie mentions how Philip called asking about installing the system at Titan and how when she called Titan, Victor said he was out of the country. Funny how a small 'town' like Salem somehow has an international airport?!

Bo tells Billie that if Philip goes near Shawn, Billie and Kate will be held responsible. That's the end of that conversation. He grabs the phone from Hope and tells Shawn that he has to come home.

At Chez Rouge, Kate tells Lucas that Mythic is going straight down the drain. Surely it had nothing to do with her choice in business partner. Lucas tells her that he doesn't even care if the business goes down. He didn't want to work for Mythic from the beginning and Kate says he had no choice because nobody else would hire him. Kate tells him that he has to find EJ and Lucas says he's not interested in finding EJ. This is when Billie comes and tells her that someone had planted bugs in Bo's house - she knows it was Philip, and asks where he is. Kate claims not to know where Philip is. She says Philip is going after Shawn and Belle. Lots of arguing. Billie says that she is going to leave Mythic but she is going to keep the investment money from EJ because she earned it - and if Kate has a problem, she can sue her. Billie takes off and Lucas tells her that she isn't likely going to get any mother's day cards.

Sami shows Celeste the gas can that EJ left in her bed. She tells her it surely means that he is coming to get her. Sami says that she owes her help. Maybe Celeste will be able to persuade EJ to stop obsessing over Sami. Celeste tells her that she's dreaming if she thinks that's going to happen. They argue back and forth over the point and Celeste even goes as far as to suggest that Sami tell Lucas the truth. Yeah, like that would ever happen. After Sami takes off Celeste makes a mysterious phone call.

Sami arrives but soon runs to the toilet. Kate of course has to reiterate everything that she has already said about Sami and EJ. She then asks him if he's sure that the baby is even his. Time to go on Maury, people.

In the toilet, Sami finds a random closed stall and decides to open up. EJ is just sitting there, passed out and thoroughly roast. She screams like children riding on The Haunted Mansion ride at the Disney parks.

Lucas hears the scream and does approximately nothing. We freeze frame on Lucas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 27, 2007 10:53 PM
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