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Days of Our Lives: Sami Wants EJ To Be the Father?

Chelsea goes to see Bo and the police officer says he's on a case. Kasarus brings Willow through who tells her that as soon as the DNA report comes out she will be in the jumpsuit and, I'm not joking, says "Peace out, Loser." Willow and Chelsea rehash the "why would I torch the Brady place, they are helping me" argument. Willow points out that Chelsea was just acting out after what happened with Nick. She says that it's not lonely in prison as long as she doesn't mind "batting for the other team."

Nick sees Chelsea a the police office and she hugs him and apologizes for what she asked him to do. He says that everything is going to be just fine. Willow taunts her and is dragged off. Chelsea apologizes again for asking him to get the hairbrush and he says that it has been done and she looks in his bag and sees it. Wise to do it right in the police department. He says he did it because he loves her and doesn't care if he gets in trouble - worth it for the girl of his dreams. He says that he loves her and will do anything for her. She says the police department is the perfect place to put the brush as they wouldn't look in their own backyard. He says he hopes that he now has another chance with her and she says that he does. She kisses him to bring home the point. After Chelsea goes to tell the police that she is going to just call Bo later Nick gets the brush out of the trash and puts it back in his bag.

Sami gets a phone call from EJ who confirms that he was the one who called Lucas. He says they have to talk and she reluctantly agrees. Lucas comes out and asks who it was and she says it was a telemarketer. He uses the magic of caller id to show it was EJ and he asks why the hell EJ is calling her. She says it was just EJ being EJ and Lucas says he thinks that they should move and get a fresh start. He wonders what she would do if someone were after him and she says she would scratch her eyes out but he would stop her. The only thing that matters is that she loves him.

Lucas says he read in a book about anxiety during pregnancy - he holds her. She tells him that John used to hold her when she was younger and read her fairy tales. She said it got her a little sad - Cinderella knew that at midnight she'd have to go back to her bad life. Lucas says he will fight any ogre for her. She reminds him that he has lunch with his mother and he nearly cancels but she persuades him to go. Lucas takes off and she has a good little cry.

EJ meets up with Kate asks how her shopping trip went and she said badly. They discuss how the wedding is going to be green and he says he's sure she will find something. She thinks perhaps funeral black would be a good color and he says red would be better - for the party celebrating them not getting married. EJ says the chances of Sami getting married is slim and Kate says that the baby is bonding them. EJ says if Sami is playing games with Lucas he will figure it out. They debate this. Kate wonders that if he's concealing something and he says he's just making conversation. She asks if he knows something about Sami and Lucas that she doesn't. EJ gets a call - it's Sami saying Lucas had just left. He tells Kate something came up at the office.

Lucas finds Kate at the bar and they order drinks. Kate asks how Sami is doing and he says it almost sounded sincere. He looks around and says he's looking for EJ - he's like a bad rash you can't get rid of. Lucas says that something is going on between EJ and Sami and Kate says it sounds like pre-wedding jitters. Kate finally says that perhaps Sami changed her mind about marrying him. He thanks her for her rudeness and Kate says that she's not going to feed him some rubbish story about Sami. He says he doesn't want to meet up with her if this will be their relationship. Kate says that EJ's antannae are up and Lucas says he will just go and kill him. She says that will bring him to jail. They argue the point and he says that if she hurts Sami, she hurts him.

EJ goes to see Sami and he tells her he is going to call Lucas and she takes the phone and tosses it away. He tells her she didn't want to do that. Actually he intones that Lucas is worthless. Sami remembers what Celeste said about EJ wanting her and she suddenly perks up and says that they both know that the baby is EJ's and has known all along. He wonders why she would try to deceive him and she says she didn't want him to take the child away from her. He wonders where she got this idea and she says he said he would do as much and she just wants the baby to be his - so that the child will be raised knowing he or she can do anything - she wants their baby to be a DiMera.

Max and Roman meet up at the pub and he refers to him as Father Max. He says that nobody got hurt and Roman says he got lucky. Roman tells him everything that Kayla said and that Max has to stay out of it. Max says that EJ is after him just like the rest of the Brady family and he won't back down from this fight. Roman says he's not trying to lecture him, but then again he is trying to lecture him. Roman says when things get personal people make mistakes and that he and Bo have to take care of things. Max says of course, the real brothers. Roman tells him not to bring that into things.

Max says he has just as much right to fight this fight as anybody. Naturally it's not too long before Abby is brought on as a topic. Max insists that nothing happened and Roman says something must have happened. Max says that they just talked and Chelsea showed up. Roman teases him for sleeping on the couch when two beautiful women are there and then asks if he got his message that he left with Aunt Maggie. Max gets upset that Roman talked with Aunt Maggie about him being in New York with Abby.

EJ says there are four conditions to her keeping the baby. First, she has to tell Lucas that there's a fifty percent chance that the baby isn't his. She has to take a real amnio to determine either way. Second, she has to break off the engagement and wedding. If the baby is EJ's then he will take care of them. He then says if she is stringing him along he will tell Lucas that they were intimate together. She tells him he should watch her every move - trust weakens people, and he is not a weak man. They get close and she says she's not a weak woman and so of course they kiss. No freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 5, 2007 8:00 PM
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This show is beginning to drag on with the E.J. and Stefano plot a little too long… bring John and Marlena back into the show. Get rid of willow, send her packing.

-- Posted by: betty at April 19, 2007 3:39 AM

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