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Days of Our Lives: Sami Still Hasn't Started The Fire

Chelsea goes to Willow's room and tells her she got her message saying she had to come. Willow tells her they have to wait for their second guest to show up and it's Nick. Willow asks which one of them came up with the idea to steal the hairbrush from the lab. Nick says he was just here and Chelsea can't believe it. Willow says obviously Chelsea stole the brush and now thanks to Nick she will go to prison with this baby - can he live with it?

Chelsea says Willow can call the police or whoever because they won't believe her. Willow says her father doesn't even believe her and Chelsea says she's moving in with her father. They argue on and on and Willow says it was definitely her hairbrush and Chelsea says the only way she would know that is if she stole the hairbrush and planted it. Chelsea asks for Nick's phone and dials the police station and tells Willow her father's extension. Willow gives it back and Chelsea says she is all talk and no action. Willow says she is not giving up - and she knows that Nick took the brush and that Chelsea will turn on him.

Chelsea nearly throttles Willow but Nick stops her. She leaves in a huff and when Nick follows she tells him that she can't see him anymore. She needs to move on if he won't believe that she didn't set the fire. She leaves again and he goes to see Willow again and says maybe she could use a friend.

Philip tells Kate he and EJ are just collaborating on work related project that doesn't involve her. Kate says anything that involves both her son and her daughter's business is related to. Philip says there's someone he and EJ are interested in - Shawn Brady. Kate says she doesn't know why EJ is interested in Shawn but she doesn't want him involved with EJ. Philip says that she is involved with EJ and he can handle EJ. Kate says this isn't the case because EJ is a cold, ruthless man - he and Victor are merciless and feed on the weakness of others. He says he can handle him and Kate says others have said so and are dead, hurt, or missing now.

Philip says he has no heart and Kate says that Claire, Lucas, and Will would all dispute this. Philip says those are just statistics. Kate says EJ will see his big heart as a target and won't hesitate to take aim at him - and asks what they are really up to. Philip says he can't stop it. He tells her that EJ was also looking for Shawn and he didn't press for more details - they installed Century Cell at the Brady residence. As soon as Shawn makes contact, Claire will be his. Kate warns that if he tells EJ where Shawn is, he may be signing his death warrant.

Kate tells him that EJ is a DiMera and he could get away with anything. She points out how everyone that has crossed him has died. Shawn may be not their favorite person but he is family. Yes, she works with him but Philip doesn't have to. She tells him that he's the only person who can stop EJ from killing Shawn. He agrees not to tell EJ about Shawn but she has to keep her eye on him. She tells him about Sami and Philip calls Lucas but gets his voice mail.

Belle overhears Shawn talking to Gabby. He says they got a lot of work done and she says they still need to program their GPS. He says it's no problem. She says she will thank him through bringing him dinner later. He says he's going to take a shower and is impressed with her boat skills. Going inside, Belle asks how the boat was and he tells her they made good progress. He says he's going to take a shower and has to help Gabby with the GPS. They argue about Gabby. She comes by and asks Shawn to talk with her father about their going to Australia. Shawn says he'll do it and he and Belle argue this until Gabby says she will figure it out herself and Shawn says he'll help. Shawn takes off and Gabby apologizes to Belle - she says she didn't know what to do. Before Gabby leaves Belle says she wants to talk about Shawn.

Shawn goes to see Duck and Duck says that if they leave with Gabby, they will be stuck with her as she will never go back.

Lucas slumps over soon after being kissed. Sami tells his asleep self that she is so sorry but everything is going to be okay. Her phone rings - it's EJ. He says he hopes she's on her way. He asks if she told him everything and she says she did and he was heartbroken. He asks where she is and she says she is running late - would 9:15 be okay? He says if she is one second late - well, she knows what he will do. Room Service comes and Sami sets up a blanket on the bed and asks him to come in. After the man from room service leaves Sami calls Celeste and says she needs her help. Celeste says she'll get her there on time.

At Nine o'clock (according to EJ's phone) he says Sami missed the deadline and calls Lucas and starts leaving a message when Sami runs on in. He points out that she is cutting it close and takes her bag. She apologizes for the delay - it was Lucas. He says that she is barely there and she says she is all his. He tells her in a few hours her last name will be Wells, just like his. She says she has given up a lot to be there and they get nice and comfortable. She tries to kiss him and he says that she's playing him for a fool.

Kate and Philip go to see Sami and Lucas but noone answers when they knock on his door.

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 19, 2007 4:21 PM
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