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Days of Our Lives: Sami Nearly Sets A Fire!

Duck tells Shawn that Gabby is planning on staying in Australia for good - that's what she told him. The last time she went away she came back six months later - pregnant. Duck tells Shawn that he's a great guy but he's dumb as a bag of rocks. He should also tell Gabby that she's not done on the island yet.

Belle and Gabby have it out yet again. I'll spare you too many details but let's just say it has all been said before. Gabby even points out the fact that this is the millionth time they have had this conversation. Belle asks why Gabby threw away the letter she sent. She just wants honesty. Gabby tells her that the truth is that Shawn is in love with Belle and she wouldn't go after such a guy. Belle asks what is with the baby carriage and stuff. She found it when they were hiding from Philip. It comes out that Gabby lost a child and Belle says she is sorry.

This is when Shawn comes in and says he's not sure if he did much good. Gabby thanks him for trying and says she will deal with Duck. Shawn wonders if he is missing something. Gabby says he'll have to ask Belle and Belle says they just have to know where they stand. Gabby says she knows exactly where they stand and thanks Shawn for his help. Belle says they cleared the air and explains what happened. Shawn goes outside and sees Gabby who tells him that Belle laid down the law with her.

Kayla and Maggie wait for Stephanie. Maggie says that Stephanie is such a sweet girl. Suddenly, someone who looks nothing like Stephanie walks in. Huh. No warning about the change of actress onscreen as there usually is. She has a tattoo on her stomach and is dressed in "biker babe chic." Stephanie says every baby girl has to grow up sooner or later. Stephanie asks what is wrong with her father. Kayla says that she may be the only one who can help.

Stephanie says her father must think she doesn't care and Kayla says that's not the case - he just didn't want her upset with him. Stephanie says she's upset with Kayla - for not telling her sooner. She asks why she decided to tell her now. Kayla says that Patch isn't getting any better. Stephanie worries that she may make it worse and Kayla says that there is a special bond between fathers and daughters - perhaps it will get through to him. Stephanie asks what she should say and Kayla says she should tell the police what she knows about EJ. Stephanie says he is protecting them and Kayla says they can take care of themselves. Stephanie agrees to do it.

This is just when Abby comes in and says she didn't recognize her. Well of course not - she's being played by a different actress. Aunt Maggie brings Abby 'her favorite' and after she leaves Abby says it wasn't her favorite. Stephanie encourages her to get her own place and Abby says she is saving money and hopes to live with Chelsea - she has changed a lot. Stephanie says she will believe it when she sees it. Doctor Kraft comes and tells Kayla that she has been removed from Steve's case. Doctor Kraft tells Kayla that she is very afraid for Patch given his past history - switching of doctors never happens. I smell DiMera influence somehow. She worries that she was pressured to be removed from the case - she tells Kayla that she has to intercede on Steve's behalf.

Stephanie tells Abby she met someone - he's not some junior partner in a suit as her mother would want - he has a record. Not murder, mind you - just small stuff. Apparently he is a bad boy. She says Abby is overdue and asks how Max is. Abby says she'd rather not talk about him and Stephanie asks if Maggie is being weird because of him - Abby says this is the case. Stephanie says that now that she is on her own she feels like a real woman for the first time. Abby asks if this is because she is on her own or because she lost her virginity. Stephanie says she's glad she didn't wait for marriage. Stephanie tells her that she has a plan for her and Max. Stephanie says she has to find a fake boyfriend and Aunt Maggie won't be be any the wiser. She has nothing to lose but her virginity. Kayla runs up and says Steve may be in more trouble than she thought and they leave.

Kate knocks on the door and yells for Lucas. Philip says they may be sleeping. The room service person tells Kate that it is their room. He says he can't as it is against policy. This goes back and forth and Philip says they should leave them alone. Philip gives the man a tip and he walks away. Kate starts trying to pick the lock and Philip asks what is going on. She says that Sami and EJ are in Vegas and he says she should call EJ - it beats breaking and entering. Kate says if EJ says Sami is there he has to break down the door.

Sami says she just wants to kiss him to let him know how he feels. EJ says something isn't ringing true and asks if she is wearing a wire. He strips her shirt off and finds no wire. She says she's not into this kind of foreplay. EJ says it must be something else - like something in her purse. He searches her purse and then says he will search her whole body. He says he wants to believe her but he knows her. She says she wants to be there - and he shouldn't make her regret it. She says she just wants to be treated with respect. He says she has a history of saying one thing and doing another. She says once she makes up her mind she doesn't change it. She explains how awful it was telling the truth to EJ - he can call if he wants.

EJ's phone rings and he says it's not a good time. Kate says she is worried that Sami is there and EJ says perhaps he will tell her the whole truth. He starts saying he will tell her if Sami is there when she just spontaneously kisses him and they make out. Kate continues asking where EJ is and he of course falls asleep. Kate starts asking if Sami is there and hears Celeste asking for her. Kate says she doesn't know who said Sami's name and Philip says that EJ must just be pulling her chain. Why isn't she taking her own advice about EJ? Kate says she is really worried about Lucas and she calls Roman. She doesn't reach him and says she will sue the police for endangering Lucas' life.

Sami tells Celeste everything that happened. Celeste says there's a can of gasoline outside and Sami has to check to make sure she doesn't leave anything behind. Sami goes over everything that happened and says she doesn't know if she can kill him. Celeste tells her that if that's the case she may as well move to some other country. Sami says that EJ wouldn't hurt her and Celeste says if she wants happily ever after with Lucas, she has to follow through. Sami asks why she is doing Celeste's dirty work and Celeste says it's Sami's life that is hanging in the balance. Sami says she has never done something like this. This goes on and on and on. She has everything to lose and everything to gain depending on what she does. Sami tells her to get the gasoline.

Celeste pours gasoline everywhere and tells Sami all she has to do is toss a match on the couch. Sami says sure... and get out before the place burns down. Sami says she will go to hell for this but will end up there with EJ. She tells EJ that he forced her to do this. She had no choice. She lights the match and looks at it for a super long time and we freeze frame here. Doesn't Sami know that you have to drop the match to get it to burn things? Yeah, looking at it isn't how it works.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 20, 2007 8:18 PM
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