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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Philip on The Island!

Shawn counts out cash and tells Duck that he needs help with getting a boat. Duck can't even think of anyone who can help them get off the island. Duck wonders what the hurry is and Shawn says they could lose their daughter because Philip knows where they are.

Belle talks to herself and thinks that Gabby is at the door - nope! It's Philip. Philip asks if she's going to invite him in. Belle says he's not taking Claire - she has a family to take care of her. Philip says he is the father that raised her and he can give her everything - he can't believe it's what she wants. She says Claire is better off without him and chucks the coffee in his face. Belle runs down the stairs and tells Shawn they have to leave and Shawn asks what happened and Philip comes from behind and says that he happened.

This is where Gabby comes in and tells Philip she'll have him arrested for trespassing. He says when the sheriff comes he will show the court order that says that he has custody. Soon the sheriff is there and he says that nobody has any proof of anything and Philip shows the court order giving him full custody. The sheriff says they're not going to like what he will say. The sheriff says the order means squat in Tinda Lau - they're going to have to settle it peacefully. He doesn't want to have to come back. Shawn says his court order, money, and name mean nothing. Philip goes to Duck and offers his credit card and says he wants a room there.

A little later, Gabby says Duck can't let Philip stay and he says Philip is paying triple. Much arguing. Belle says she wants to talk with Philip alone. She asks him what he is trying to accomplish and he says this way he can keep on top of them and when they first fall asleep he will take her like she took Claire. She slaps him and says she hates what he has become. She says she can't believe she ever loved him and he says that she never did. What happened to the man who fought to serve his country and he says that man is still there.

Philip gives Duck a big bunch of cash and he gives him the keys to his room. They get quite chummy. Shawn, Belle, and Claire go to their room and Philip tells them not to try to sneak out.

Hope comes to visit Willow in prison. She brought food and vitamins. Willow wonders why she's really there and Hope says it's because she is carrying Shawn's baby. Willow says the thing that would help most would be her dropping the charges and Hope says she can't do that. We go over the old ground of Willow swearing it wasn't her. Hope says there's another option - she can sign over her parental rights to Bo and Hope. Willow accuses her of trying to steal her child. Hope says that she and Bo are the child's grandparents and doesn't want to turn it into a child custody case - she surely knows this is what is best for the child.

They can work out some sort of agreement so the child is taken care of. Willow basically tells her to shove it. Robble, robble, robble. Hope says she's going to petition for full custody. Hope asks - doesn't she want better for her child than she had for herself? Willow says if she weren't in jail on a bum rap she would have a jail. Surely one day Hope will find out the truth and she will be sorry. She isn't changing her mind. Hope says she will see her in court.

Sami opens the stall (again?) and sees EJ. She lets out a blood-curdling scream and runs out to tell Lucas that she saw him. Who? A scary man, obviously - in the ladies room. Lucas goes to check it out and Kate tells Sami to put her head between her legs or something to calm down. Kate gives her water and Sami says that she's fine.

Lucas and Maggie go into the ladies room but there is nobody there. Maggie wonders if Sami just imagined seeing someone in there. Lucas comes out and says that whomever it was probably just left - shouldn't she report this to the police? She swears that's not necessary and of course passes out. Lucas springs into action and tells Kate to call for an ambulance. Kate snoops around the toilet and finds EJ's business card.

Maggie finds Hope in a bad mood and she explains what happened while visiting Willow. Maggie says she has a right to be concerned given the situation. She shouldn't let Willow manipulate her.

Willow says she wants to ask her doctor something. Her doctor is apparently called Nick. She says she needs him to come right away - it's a matter of life and death.

At the hospital, the doctor tells him that they need to bring down her stress or she will spend the rest of her pregnancy in the hospital. Kate comes into Sami's room a little after she starts telling Celeste to contact her. Kate shows her EJ's business card and says she found it in the toilet. Why didn't she say it was EJ? Why hasn't anyone seen EJ? Sami tells her to please leave as she is supposed to be resting. Kate says something strange is going on.

She thinks Lucas was out cold and she was at cabin with Lucas. They continue arguing and Sami calls her a meddling bitch and yells at her to get out. Robble, robble. More yelling and Sami's blood pressure machine reads 120 and Lucas comes in and they argue and he tells her to get the hell out. Sami has a good cry. Lucas asks her to close her eyes and he tells her to think good thoughts. He takes off her ring and whips out a box which has a much bigger ring that he puts on her finger. He says the ring is totally green - by that he means the diamond was mined in an environmentally friendly manner.

A freshly dressed EJ goes to Sami and Lucas' hotel room and finds Celeste there. She says she has been calling him for hours and he says he had some business to take care of. Everything went as he had planned - Sami thinking that she had drugged him and yet not being able to burn the cabin down. Celeste says enough is enough and he says that he is just getting warmed up. His only regret is not being there to see Sami's reaction to seeing the gas can.

EJ thanks her for the lip balm. She says it's time for him to hold up his end of the bargain and tell him where her daughter is. She wonders where his sense of satisfaction is coming from as we see what looks like a huge city out the window behind him. He says the previous night proves her feelings for him. He point out that Sami couldn't bring herself to burn him and this means that he can trust her. Celeste says it just proves she's not a monster. She asks again where Lexie is and he says he will keep that information to himself.

He says he needs assurance that she's not going to wake up one morning and decide to be a hero. Celeste says if it weren't for Lexie, she would have been enjoying marshmallows over his flaming corpse. She wonders why he keeps on putting Sami's pregnancy in jeopardy - what kind of father is he? As they leave the hotel room Celeste asks how she knows she can trust him and he says she doesn't. Celeste calls Sami and leaves a message saying EJ disappeared. Kate is conveniently behind a door listening in.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 30, 2007 2:05 PM
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