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Days of Our Lives: Philip Locates Shawn and Belle!

Hope and Marlena talk about Bo, who is investigating the fire at the Cabin. Marlena is about to mention Shawn and Belle and Hope brings her out on the porch to talk - she says they think the house is bugged. No chance the porch is bugged, right? She tells her where they are and they hear a sound inside. Hope whips her gun out and when the man comes downstairs she tells him to stay where he is as this is a police officer's house. He says he is an officer too and says he will show his badge and does so.

The man says he is scanning the house for bugs - didn't Bo tell her? He sure did. The man goes back to work. Marlena wonders when it's all going to end. We're all with you on that.

Shawn tells Belle that nothing happened with and she says she knows nothing happened and is sorry. Long apology! Long drawn out apology. They forgive each other for everything. Shawn asks if she trusts him and she says that she does. Belle says she's so lucky to have someone to go around the world to protect their child. There is further reiteration of everything we already know and they get a hug on. Seriously, it must be great to be able to just use the same script every day. She apologizes for wasting so much time. We accept your apology, Belle. Belle says that she has to tell him something. She is worried that he will get mad and he says that it's impossible.

Belle tells him about the phone call to Marlena and tells her the whole conversation. Shawn says life is too short to get mad about a phone call. If Philip finds out then they will deal with it. He won't tear them apart anymore, he assures her. Shawn wonders if he can kiss her. She says telling a girl that ruins the moment so he has a seat. She says maybe he can push their beds together? The fifties are over! They go for it - naturally, in what appears to be super slow motion. Actually, they are just really that slow.

Bo tells everyone that EJ definitely got out - if he were in the cabin. Kayla asks if Sami is okay because she seems like she is about to pass out. Probably smoke inhalation, Sami says - she wants to go to the hotel. She and Lucas leave and Kayla says something seems wrong. Kayla says they have to get Steve out of the hospital. Kayla says she is serious and Bo reminds her that she just had a little 'accident' thanks to EJ. She says he is either with her or not. He says fine - how is she going to get him out, with a small army? She says she will get him out.

Bo says she needs some kind of plan because she's going to get committed. She says that would be perfect because she can work on the inside. He says she needs bed rest and a better plan. Bo gets a call from Hope with the heads up on Shawn and Belle. He asks if the house sweeper is there and she says he is. Bo says he has to go home and Kayla says she'll go with him. They agree they have to bring EJ down.

Back at Bo's house the sweeper shows them a bag full of cameras which apparently was running through their laptop. After the sweeper leaves Marlena tells them again where Shawn and Belle are and Bo says that he will go and Hope says he won't go without her. Bo says that wouldn't be safe and Hope chucks the security bag at him and asks how any of them are safe? Baby crying sound effect machine goes off so Hope goes to pick up little Ciara Alice. Bo says that they'll stay and fight the good fight - Shawn has managed to turn into a man through this experience and they will manage their way home.

Kayla tells them about her plan and Marlena agrees they have to do something. Bo says perhaps someone will recognize her - they will keep her in there and there won't be any way to get her out. Kayla gets fed up and leaves. Bo says he will spend every waking moment trying to help Shawn, get Steve and Kayla back together, and put EJ behind bars for life.

Lucas and Sami get back to the hotel and he goes on and on about EJ until Sami snaps and says she doesn't want to talk about EJ. Mutual apologies. They agree to pick up where they left off and Lucas goes to the washroom. Sami gets a heavy breathing phone call. Lucas comes in and asks who is on the phone and she says it's some weird heavy breather. Lucas says not to worry (good advice!) and says they should move to a nice white picket home. She says they shouldn't focus on that and he says they should wait until baby Lucas is born.

Baby Lucas? Yes, he says, all their babies should be named after him. What if it's a girl? Lucasana, obviously. He suggests having an underwear race to the ice machine. She's not keen on this idea and has a good laugh. She says this isn't a frat house and there are people next door with children. He wonders if she has granny underwear on. He takes off her shirt and there is indeed no granny underwear. She agrees to the race and they say they will count to three and start. They start running and she goes right back in and closes and locks the door. Much chortling. She gives him a dollar and says she wants a diet soda. He asks her to let him back in and then one of the hotel employees makes fun of him. She lets him back in and he goes to get something and she suddenly finds what looks like a burned gasoline can on the bed. Weird music.... Lucas comes out and asks what smells like gasoline and she says she doesn't smell it.

Philip watches recordings which, no surprise, has the recording of Marlena telling Hope where Shawn and Belle are. A little while later, we see an empty chair and a note that says "Tinda Lau" on it. Awww, no freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 26, 2007 3:04 PM
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