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Days of Our Lives: My, Abby, You Look Older...

Someone who is just as blonde as Abby is talking about Gwen Stefani. No, wait, it is supposed to be Abby. Oh, Emily Montague. Jack comes knocking - Jack's back! He asks how she is doing and then says he ran into the most interesting girl - oh, it was Gwen Stefani. It's weird how going on a trip to New York has aged Abby by about six years in appearance. Huh. He says they can do anything including a carriage ride around central park. She thought that was for couples and was hoping to do that with a boyfriend.

He tells her that he talked with her Aunt Maggie - about Max Brady. She asks if he has been asking Aunt Maggie about her love life and they argue about Max and he finally tells her to stay away from Max Brady. What does everyone have against her being with Max Brady? First it was Aunt Maggie and now her father. Seriously, he is a good guy. She says she knows about Max's past and isn't bothered by it. He says the sky is the limit for her but not if she were tied down. She says that surely her mother would be for her and he says that they agree on it. She has to enjoy her freedom and shouldn't regret missing out on her freedom because of some guy. She says she promises that Max won't interfere with her college education and he says he is ecstatic. He asks her to meet her in the lobby later.

Max and Kayla toast to burying EJ. Max apparently kept the priest's collar - it is the most fun he has had since Frankie left town. Since Frankie left he has felt lost. She says when she lost Steve she had the same feelings. He jokes that this means the love of his life is his brother. He says the reason he went on the trip was to help her - and to see someone. Kayla wonders how Mimi fits in and he replies what we all know - it has been over since she left for Arizona. He says he thinks about Abby all the time and how sweet she is. He doesn't know what it is but when she's around he misses her. She wonders if it is all or nothing and he says he doesn't want to mess it up like he did with the other relationships. Stephanie, for example.

He bemoans that he feels that he is at ground zero and she says it's good because they can build a relationship. He has to take a cab from the airport and just tell her how he feels. He wonders if he's supposed to just show up with roses - what would she think? Kayla says she would think it's sweet. The pilot announces there are fifteen minutes until they land - fifteen minutes to decide what to do. Not much later, Kayla is alone in the row and as the pilot announces the plane will take off she tells the chair, which she has named Steve, that she is coming home soon. Nice one.

EJ says he was certain the child was his and Sami says he was wrong - Lucas is the father. She asks if he is okay and he asks her to forgive her - he didn't expect it to turn out like this and is in shock. He says all the money and fame is trivial compared to being a father. He even had brochures for school. Amazing how one piece of paper can change a life. She says she likes the world she's in especially now that he's not in it. He asks her not to dismiss her and she says that it's over. He says it's not just his loss but her loss as well.

She says this is the best news - the man that she loves is the father of her child and she can move on with her life. She asks him to leave and so he sits down and says that Stefano told him that Tony's weakness was women and he grew up trying to avoid that mistake. Everything worked out until he met her - and there was a time when she felt the same way. She agrees that there was a time when she felt something but that was before he shot her stepfather and raped her. She says she is now glad she had the paternity test because it proves that Lucas is the father of her child and they are done. Nothing will ever connect them again, she says.

He says they have a connection and she says from the moment she found out who he really was she wanted him out of her life. He asks what would have happened had he not picked her up - Lucas would be dead. She asks that this all end now. He agrees and goes to leave but asks her if she remembers their tango from a year ago - she would have been the only person who could have made him into the man she thought of him to be. Not too much later she is talking to herself and Celeste comes over and berates her for not having a clue as to what she is doing. She says that he played her like a fiddle. Sami insists she has ended it and Celeste says it is not the end - it's only the beginning. Either she will destroy him or he will destroy her and raise her child as a DiMera. Celeste says EJ will be back for the child. She thinks Sami should seduce him to get rid of him - it may be their only hope. Sami asks her to leave and so of course she does - but first tells her to at least consider it. Sami says the only thing she is working on is her wedding and the rest of her life and EJ isn't a part of her life anymore.

EJ sits in Chez Rouge and looks at the report when his phone rings - it's Kayla. She tells him that she has the proof that she needs to lock him up - photographic proof. After she hangs up he yells into the phone, slams down some money and rushes out of the restaurant.

Aunt Maggie approaches Nick and asks what's on his mind. He tells her about a friend of his that asked one favor and then another friend asked another favor and he can't justify doing the second favor. She says anyone that really cared wouldn't ask him to compromise his values.

Philip asks again if Gabby has seen Belle and Shawn and Kate comes out and says she can die happy having shared a pickup truck with chickens. Gabby says she hasn't seen them. Shawn sneaks back upstairs and finds Belle who is making kissy faces. He tells her that Philip is there and he won't leave until he gets the truth. Shawn says what Gabby said and Belle worries that their lives are in her hands.

Philip shows Gabby the photo again and she says it's impossible to remember everything. Gabby says that she just hasn't seen them and Philip insinuates that she is lying. Kate asks for a drink and then says she will just get it herself - and finds Claire's teething ring. She says now they are calling her a liar.

Shawn says the worst case scenario is that he will have to confront Philip and he will go to the 9th circle of Hell but to keep Claire safe. Meanwhile, Philip continues to harass Gabby and she finally says that they are there. She says that they are gone and he grabs her and asks again. Belle tells Shawn they can't split up and Shawn says okay but he has to find out what is going on downstairs. Kate separates them and Philip and Gabby argue - she says that they left and shows the engagement ring which she says they left to pay for the bill.

Belle tells Claire they're going to have a plan soon - and realizes she didn't get her ring back. Philip looks at the ring and says it is Belle's wedding ring. Kate says she is so sorry. Shawn signals to Gabby and looks on.

Abby goes back to her hotel room and gets a call from Max - he asks what she has done and they discuss it. He mentions that he had a stopover in New York and she wonders why he didn't stop by. There's a knock at the door and oh - it's Max. She pulls him into the room - they have something to tell each other. He tells her that she looks amazing - well, at least six years older and amazing. She suddenly remembers that she's going out with her father and he has to leave - and just then Jack knocks on the door and tells her she was supposed to meet him downstairs.

Nick wanders around the lab talking to himself about getting the hairbrush and encounters EJ on the computer in the lab. How convenient. Nick takes the phone to call security and EJ takes it from him and asks if he is going to be a good boy or if he will need to learn a lesson. He will be a good boy, it seems. He leaves and gets on a pay phone and calls to leave a message for Lucas - he feigns a southern accent and says he is Doctor Young from the University Hospital and needs him to come in because of some problems with the amniocentesis. We freeze frame here on EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 2, 2007 8:36 PM
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