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Days of Our Lives: Lack of Amnio

Jack knocks and knocks and asks if everything is okay. Abby tells Max that he has to hide so he ducks into the bathroom. Abby opens the door and tells Jack that she's sorry but she's having an early night. He asks to come in and apologizes for coming down too hard on her and says he needs to explain his position and why he is anti-Max. He says that she's a baby and Max is... well she tells him she's tired. Jack says that she knows how he feels about Max and he trusts her judgement. She says that she appreciates it and will see him in the morning. After the coast is clear, she gets Max out of the bathroom - he says that her father must really hate him. She says it's not the case and besides, her father is wrong about them being together, isn't he?

Max says he's pretty much stuck there and will head out and find a cheap hotel somewhere. She wonders if it has been awhile since he has been there as there are no cheap hotels - he will have to stay there with her and that is final. He says the hotel must be expensive and she says no, she meant in the room with her. Max says her father will kill him if he found out. She says she can be quiet if she wants to. After all, she quietly aged six years without anyone noticing.

There is a knock at the door - Chelsea is there. They discuss the fire and how Bo thinks she's innocent - the only problem is that they found her hairbrush. Abby says they can't discuss it as Max comes out. Chelsea wonders if they can catch her up and so they do. She wonders if he is spending the night and they say basically. She says she is going to leave and Abby says noone is going anywhere - the more, the merrier.

Naturally, it's not too long before Jack comes by and he wonders about all the commotion and she says he has a surprise visitor. He wonders why there is so much food for two teeny girls. He bids them to enjoy themselves and to try and keep it down. They wish him a good night. Max comes out and says it's killing him. Abby says they should go to bed and Max says there's one problem - only one bed. Max says he'll take the couch and apologizes to Abby - she says she likes that he's a gentleman. Good night to all.

Kayla goes to visit Patch, who asks her why she went to Italy. He asks her if she's trying to be a martyr and she says she is doing what it takes to prove EJ is a criminal. She says she has real forensic proof and he says he hasn't got time for it and he's lucky she's alive - the DiMeras could have offed her. She was on thin ice long beforehand... but stops there. She wonders if EJ threatened her. She says that she won't give up until she gets her husband back - she won't quit until she gets what she needs. She asks if he wants to see the evidence she got in Stefano's room and he says he can't believe she did it and asks how she did it and she says that Max helped her. She shows him the photo of Stefano's implant scar - fresh, along with Stefano's fingerprint. She says he's the link between the evidence she has and EJ. He says he won't testify against EJ - and who does she think she is, some sort of detective? Things don't get wrapped up in fairy tale endings - she has to go and stay with Stephanie for a few weeks until this all blows over and pushes her down on the bed and yells at her to promise him to stay away from the DiMeras and she yells at him to stop - until he kisses her. She tells him if he wants to save her life, he has to testify against EJ Wells and leaves.

Nick goes to see Sami and tells her that he caught EJ hacking into the computer and it had Sami's file on it. She asks if he knows she didn't have an amnio and he says he doesn't know. He asks why EJ is so interested. He realizes that the fake amnio must have been for EJ - is he the father? She says that there's no way that's possible. She says she didn't have an affair with EJ and stumbles with words until Nick asks if he raped her. She asks him to stay out of it and to pretend the conversation never happened. He says that EJ won't let this go. She says she can handle EJ and he wonders how - what will she do? She says she will do whatever she has to do - even if it means breaking a few rules. He points out that it seems that has been her motto - has it been worth it? Not always, she says - but when it comes to keeping the ones we love from being hurt she has to make the choice every time. He tells her to be careful and excuses himself. She thanks him for everything.

Lucas is at the hospital where a doctor tells him that there must have been some mixup or someone is playing a joke on him - as far as they know Sami hasn't had an amnio. EJ is just around the corner listening in, of course. Lucas says perhaps another doctor did the amnio and the doctor says it's strange that Sami didn't come to her. She asks what the name of the doctor is and he tells her and she says it's not familiar but she will investigate. This is when EJ comes out and asks if anything is wrong. He tells him that he's there to see Sami's doctor and tells him that he has to get over his sick obsession with Sami. He tells him to stop making Sami cry - they're not EJ's friend and he doesn't want EJ anywhere near his fiance. EJ tells him to calm down and apologizes if his concern for Sami threatens him. Lucas says the day he feels threatened by him is the day he hands in his man badge. EJ says he will minimize his contact with Sami. Lucas wonders why he hasn't moved out and EJ says he has found a place. The doctor comes back and tells him that there is no Doctor Young and Sami certainly didn't have an amnio at the hospital. He tells the Doctor to please not tell Sami - and that goes for EJ as well.

EJ goes to visit Sami but a very short haired Will answers the door. He tells her that his mother's not available and EJ tells him to leave a message that he needed to talk to her. Will goes back in and Sami comes out and asks him (she calls him Buzz due to his very short hair) what happened and he tells her that EJ stopped by - he didn't look too happy. Lucas is there not too much later and he and Will talk about painting their faces green for the wedding. They all debate the source of the color.

Gabby continues talking about how the ring is the proof that Shawn and Belle are no longer on the island as they used it as payment for their stay. Shawn of course looks on from a distance. Kate says she's sorry that they came all this way for nothing. She suggests they go to Sydney to talk with authorities. Philip says it must have been quite an expensive stay - and says that when he gave the ring to Belle there were promises made, and slowly they have been destroyed. Shawn and Belle, he says, took away his daughter - so it's hard to trust anyone. That is why he refuses to leave until he knows that she's telling the truth.

Shawn goes to tell Belle the less than good news and he says there's only one way out and that's through the back window. She says it might hurt Claire. She wonders why he won't give up and Shawn points out that they made it look like they died on a raft and Philip still didn't give up - obviously Philip won't give up.

Philip is blocked by Gabby who tells him that the guests have a right to their privacy - had she known Belle and Shawn were kidnappers, she would have stopped them but they are gone. Kate finds Belle and Shawn's entry in the hotel log - room 202. I bet you can't find the number twenty-three there, Jim Carrey's character in The Number 23. They go up to room 202 and Gabby tells him not to go in so of course he practically breaks the door down and a man inside asks him what he's doing there. He goes through Gabby's pockets and gets her keys and starts going to other rooms.

Philip goes to break down another door, where Shawn and Belle happen to be. Gabby tells him to knock it off and Philip pushes her aside. Duck comes and grabs him and asks what is going on and he explains. Gabby tells him that they're looking for Shawn and Belle, who have already checked out. Philip says he wants the real story from Duck. Philip says he just wants to get his daughter and Duck tells him the young couple was here and they are gone - good riddance. He tells them Philip has already broken one door and that's enough. Philip hands him some cash for the door and Kate says it's time to go - so they leave. Duck asks if this gets him out of the dog house and she says it certainly does.

Gabby gets Shawn and Belle out and tells them the good news and says perhaps they should stay on the island since Philip is now well convinced that they aren't there. She says if they stay and help her fix up her boat she will let them take it to Australia and they can keep the ring. She will get it back through fishermen in Australia. Shawn and Belle agree they will stay. Shawn goes to put Claire down for a nap leaving Gabby and Belle. Belle apologizes again for thinking she was after Shawn. She won't even tell him she thought it.

EJ walks to his apartment and is on the phone with someone whom he asks, "How is Samantha's schedule tomorrow?" He agrees that the Brady pub would be perfect for, well, whatever he has in mind. No freeze frame here, alas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 3, 2007 5:32 PM
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