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Days of Our Lives: Gurney Days

Patch chucks cards and Marlena comes to visit him. She says she has been thinking about him a lot and is angry about how he treated John. He reminds her that she sprayed him with mace. He wonders why she came to visit - she is the last person he wants to see. He tells her to take her good intentions and leave. She says she wants to talk and he says that there's nothing to talk about because what he did was unforgivable. She says she's there to talk about him - he was brainwashed and still is. He tells her to tell him something he doesn't know. Marlena says he won't recover until he knows what was done to him and he has to accept that he is helpless. Steve says that he doesn't want to listen to this psychobabble. She says that whoever brainwashed him put locks so that he wouldn't remember it. He asks if this means he's stuck and she says that deprogramming will help him.

Steve says that he's willing to go through with it but he only has a few days before he has to put on running shoes to be beamed up to the mother ship. Not only that but his HMO won't cover deprogramming. She says the doctor is willing to give it a try and the Steve she knew would give it a try. He says the Steve in front of her is keeping his feet on the ground. He wonders why she cares and and she explains how she once wanted him to hurt but then remembered that he was a good man that had terrible things happen to him. He says he is sick of all this and the only reason he's in the hospital is because Kayla promised she wouldn't tell Stephanie if he were good. He's not unprogrammable. Marlena says she thought it was worth a try but she is wasting her time and she leaves.

Bo and Kayla meet up at Chez Rouge. She says she has good evidence that she was with Stefano and Bo says it wasn't close to enough - didn't she have this conversation with Roman? She hoped he would be able to figure something out. He tells her that he wants to help her but she has to stop taking things into her own hands. She thinks that he's not taking her seriously and he assures her that he is. She says she can take care of himself and he says she can't - messing with EJ is stupid. She says she realizes the reality and that is why she is asking for help. She says she is watching her husband slip away and will only stop when the police do something - like use the evidence she brought them.

Bo tells her that the only thing the evidence proves is that someone - maybe Stefano - got some sort of surgery. She says the fingerprint proves it's Stefano and Bo says that any lawyer would destroy that. He says noone wants EJ behind bars more than he does but they will need Steve to testify in order for that to happen. She asks what she should do in the meanwhile - wait for another murder? He says she's not going to bring EJ down by herself and not to do something stupid. She says the only foolish thing she has done was hope that he would be helpful.

Kayla says that she's worried that she will lose Steve forever if he continues to be under EJ's control. Bo says that they're waiting for Shawn to get in contact with them. Kayla wonders what they should do until then. Kayla says that it seems nobody has the nerve to say enough but she will - and if something happens, he and Roman have her blood on their hands. She leaves and just then his phone rings - it's the painter. He tells them about the guys there that he suspects should not be there. Bo says he is on his way.

Kayla is on the phone while driving and leaves a message for Bo saying she's sorry for what she said. Of course we have bright lights behind her. She yells for them to go around and of course there is a crash effect.

Marlena's phone rings soon after leaving Steve's and it's bad news about Kayla. She goes and tells Steve what happened. He asks her for twenty dollars for the vending machine and says that he appreciates it. After Marlena leaves he calls someone called Hector over and asks if he wants to make a quick twenty dollars. He gets him to get some lye soap from the janitor's closet and sticks it under his arm.

EJ is on the phone with someone when Philip approaches and they discuss the installation of the security cameras and how it will help them get Shawn. Not too long afterwards they get suited up in workers attire and go in the Brady house. Let me forewarn you if you have recorded this episode - EJ does a very weird Danish accent. Philip shows the people their work order and he tells them to check on the locks before leaving - and he takes off. Philip puts what looks like a CD in Bo's laptop which, naturally, is running on battery power as all laptops on Days seem to and never needs to be recharged. The painter, outside, suddenly gets suspicious.

EJ finishes setting everything up and tells Philip they need to get out. Philip finishes typing random keys on the computer and they gather their belongings and start to head out. Bo approaches and asks the painter who is inside and he explains what happened. Bo notices the lights turn off and he tells the painter to call 911 for backup - no lights or sirens. He opens the door with his gun cocked. He wanders around the house but doesn't see them hiding up in the stairs. An officer arrives and tells him that they have bad news about his sister. He tells her that she was run off the road and Bo tells him to check the place from top to bottom. Naturally they manage to sneak out. They test out the system and it works perfectly. They toast to Bo Brady and hope he finds his son.

At the hospital, Kayla describes what happened. Marlena comes to visit and Bo tells her what happened. She asks what it would take to bring him in. Bo says if EJ was involved he will make sure it won't be traced to him. Marlena says that Steve didn't seem to care when she told him and Bo agrees that he's really not the same man anymore.

Philip tells EJ that he doesn't trust anyone yet they can have a mutually rewarding association so long as they treat each other as equals. Philip tells him not to make mistake to assume that they are equals.

A nurse tends over Steve and tells the orderly that he has a 104 degree fever and needs to be rushed to the University Hospital. After they leave to get a gurney, Steve tells the air, "I'm coming, Sweetness..."

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 10, 2007 11:42 PM
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