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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Gabby the Poor Mail Woman

Big Bully Warden gets angry when he finds out that the pizzas ordered cannot be returned. He vows that Steve will pay. Steve tells everyone to dig in. Patch asks everyone to give three cheers for the best pizza place in Salem. He teases one man for wearing more pizza than he is eating. In comes the Big Angry Warden who tells Patch the pizza party cost him eighty dollars. Steve points out all the happy faces and when Big Angry tries to whip at him with his bat he grabs his arm and tells him he's going down to the minors.

Doctor Kraft comes in and tells Big Angry to settle down as he will be reimbursed. After BA leaves Doctor Kraft tells Patch he shouldn't have done what he did because it makes the doctors look bad. He says he did it for the sake of the patients. She tells him that she has been reassigned because she can't seem to control him. He accuses her of asking for a transfer and she says it's not the case. He asks if they can get Marlena Evans on his case and she says it's not possible because she's in private practice. He says he will miss her and says she is a good person who has been dealt a bad hand.

Dr. Kraft says he is also a good person who has been dealt an even worse hand. She asks him to try to pretend to cooperate and asks him to take care and takes off. BA comes in and says the party is over except for Patch, whose party will commence immediately.

Nick assures his coworker that he hasn't seen the hairbrush - perhaps it is in the vault for some reason and asks him to go and check it out. Abby reprimands Chelsea for having Nick steal the hairbrush and implores her to do something about it. She says that Chelsea manipulated Nick into stealing the hairbrush and that she should fix the situation. Chelsea says it doesn't really matter since Bo asked her to move in and now the brush is gone - she threw it away. Abby wonders why Nick is considering returning it if this is the case. She says she must have misheard - or perhaps he dug it out of the trash.

Chelsea says that Nick lied to her too. Abby says that he wanted to tell her and naturally this is when she realizes that Abby knew. Chelsea says that Abby is no friend. When Nick makes an appearance Chelsea tells Abby goodbye and Abby goes off to have a good cry. Nick wonders what happened. She tells him that Abby just told her how she didn't say anything about Nick sleeping with her mother. He says he thought they put it all behind them and she says she thought so but she can't. He says that he wonders why he took the hairbrush if she won't trust him. She asks him if he really got the hairbrush out of the garbage as Chelsea said.

He wonders if this means she doubts he believes her - she should know that he does. She asks him to tell her whether he believes she is the one who set fire to her father's house.

Gabby puts some of her own personal baby stuff away in her room and lets Shawn in. He tells her that they want her to come with them. She gets on him like wasabi on soy sauce. She asks him not to say anything to Duck. Gabby says that she really wants to have what Belle has - a baby, that is. She wants to give to someone. He tells her that she will be on her own in Australia and she gets upset that he is basically saying that they're going to use her resources and then ditch her.

Belle tells Claire that they're going to have great fun in Australia. She finds Duck knocking at the door - he has some books for her. She wonders if they have gotten any mail and says they sent out a letter. He says no mail has gone out from them. He assures her that he would have remembered if a letter had gone out to a police officer in the States.

Belle catches up with Gabby and Shawn and asks why she thinks they haven't gotten a response to their letter. My proposal would be "because it takes more than a millisecond for mail to travel from a remote island near Australia to a city that exists in several states - particularly if the envelope isn't addressed to any of the states. Shawn says it takes weeks for mail to get to the states. Belle says that she will write a new letter and Shawn asks if she did send the letter. After Gabby leaves, Belle more or less says that it was her fault.

Shawn asks why she would do a thing like that. Belle says she doesn't want them to leave Salem because then she won't see Shawn again. She asks if she has been flirting and says that Duck told her that Gabby is a man stealer - Duck said so. Well if Duck said so, it has to be fact.

Max and Maggie talk about Abby at Chez Rouge and he says that his visit to her in New York was totally innocent. Maggie accuses Max of being a player. He must have seen that movie "How To Be A Playa". He tells her that it's not her decision to make. He says he's a big boy and can choose his friends. Not too much later, Abby sees Max there and he tells her that Aunt Maggie said she is off limits, and he isn't going to fight it. He says they can still be friends and she says he's a jerk.

Chelsea feels sorry for herself so she calls up Max and asks him to pick her up because her car died. After she gets off she tells the air that it will see how it likes feeling betrayed. She calls the air "Abby". We freeze frame on Chelsea.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 16, 2007 4:22 PM
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