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Days of Our Lives: EJ Threatens Kayla!

Abby listens in on the bathroom and determines Max is in the shower. She tells Chelsea they're definitely okay to talk and Chelsea tells her it's okay if she wants to jump in the shower with Max. They then talk about the hairbrush and how Bo won't believe her once her DNA is found on the hairbrush. Abby points out that Willow is the one with the fire setting history and Chelsea says she asked a friend for a favor. What friend, Abby asks, and what favor? She says she asked Nick to destroy the evidence.

She can't believe she asked Nick and Chelsea says he said no anyhow. Max comes out and Chelsea says they can't talk now. They debate Nick being a friend or not. A little later Chelsea wonders where Max went and Abby says he left early in the morning. Jack comes by and asks why he saw a man leave the room. Chelsea says it was a maintenance man. Jack asks if Chelsea is coming with them and Abby asks for a few minutes as they are still packing. Abby thanks her for covering for her. They discuss the brush and Chelsea says she wishes there was a way she could prove Willow stole the brush. They think back and she remembers the night they were at the Penthouse - Willow was there, and that was when it happened.

They rediscuss Nick and what she asked him to do. Abby says it was not something she should have requested of him. Chelsea says when Bo gets the DNA information he will never forgive her, even though it wasn't her. Jack drops in and wonders what is going on and Chelsea goes to the bathroom. She says that she's having boyfriend problems and he asks if her boyfriend is closer to her own age. They banter about this to no end. After Jack agrees to go for five minutes Chelsea says she wishes her father were that awesome. Abby tells her to go home and tell the truth - and give Bo a chance.

Nick sits gazing into nowhere and one of the new (to us) lab people brings in a bunch of stuff including the hairbrush and complains that he is overloaded. Nick offers to run the lab work on the hairbrush. He says he will handle it and then goes to get some coffee. Nick puts the hairbrush in his bag but then imagines being arrested so takes it back out. He looks at a photo of Chelsea and reconsiders.

Max goes to see Nick at the lab - they catch up on old times. He says he went to see Abby - and Chelsea was there, too. He tells him that she was a bit of a mess and feels she can't count on him anymore. He says he knows she can be a handful at times. Nick says he wishes she would get her life together. He thanks Max for the heads up. Max says that Chelsea is worth it and takes off. Nick picks up the hairbrush and says that she is worth it, and stuffs it in his bag.

Kayla tells Roman that she knows that it was EJ that forced Steve to take John's kidney. She shows him the photos and how she went to Italy to get the proof. He says EJ will do something bad when he finds out and she says she told him already. He asks what is the matter with her. Kayla says that she's fighting for Steve's life and can't just sit by and watch as EJ and Stefano call all the shots. They argue the point and Kayla asks what would happen had Bo gone and Roman says he wouldn't have wanted that either. She says that Max helped her and Roman says that it's too dangerous for her to run around like that and Kayla says nobody is safe with EJ in Salem, even Sami. After Kayla leaves Maggie drops by and he tells her he really needs to speak with Max.

EJ looks into the Brady pub and sees Sami, Lucas, and the person from Sami says she's all for environmental stuff but she doesn't want to spend their honeymoon in an outhouse. Lucas points out that they were sort of camping out the one night when she saved his life. The editor says there are some good ecologically friendly places. She asks if Sami read the article about biodegradable rice versus bird seed and Sami says it's the car and will get it. Sami goes outside and sees EJ, who tells her he has proof that she forged the amnio. She says she knows Lucas is the father and it's not a forgery. He tells her to swear on her baby's life that it's not a forgery.

Sami says that she won't swear on anything and EJ brings up that he was there when Doctor Jacobs told Lucas everything. Sami wonders why Lucas would talk to the doctor and not tell her. He says clearly she's not the only one keeping secrets. Sami says if he went in he's just worried about the baby - he knows the baby is his. He tells her that Kate figured out that they were together the night of the accident at the cabin. He tells her that he doesn't want to have to hurt the people she cares about.

Sami comes in and Lucas asks where the article is and she says she left it at home. They ask to reschedule the meeting as she isn't feeling well. Sami says she needs to talk with him - did he see her doctor? He says he did. He tells her how he got a call from the doctor and they argue and he says he was trying to protect her. Lucas apologizes for being in her face about being honest and then doing this. He swears that next time he will come to her. They discuss the weird phone call and then asks how she knew - was it EJ? He says he's sick of EJ being around her and she says it was just an incidental run-in. He asks if this is the case why she is shaking. She says she's just hungry so they agree to go home for a lay down and he has nothing to worry about.

Philip goes to see Willow in jail. He asks what she wants and they argue why he lost Claire. He asks why he should stay there and she says she will give him two - his half sister Billie and his witch of a niece. Willow explains how Chelsea did everything and hates her. Philip tells her that he will help her so long as she starts from the beginning and doesn't lie this time. He tells her he doesn't have time for the bogus story - he knows Chelsea didn't have anything to do with the fire - it was her.

Philip yells at her and she finally admits it was EJ that hired her to rob the Brady house. He leaves and tells her that she is safe there.

Kayla drops her keys and EJ happens to pick them up and tells her that they need a chat. She thinks he's mistaken if he thinks he will get away with everything he has done and he asks what he has done. She says he knows what he has done and how she has evidence now, finally. She tells him how she could have killed Stefano easily but she didn't, because she's not EJ. Kayla tells him that she won't rest until he's put away - preferably in a coffin. He says if she goes near his father she will end up in the coffin and then drops the keys. Freeze frame on Kayla.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 4, 2007 6:54 PM
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