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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Brandy Mathis is Samantha Brady

Nick goes to see what is going on at the hospital and an officer tells him that his girlfriend is waiting for him. Wait, Chelsea's not there. Willow, however, is waiting for him. Nick asks if she and the baby are okay and she says yes, but she's only being kept there overnight and then it's back to prison. She tells him that the hairbrush is the thing that will prove she is innocent and he has to do right by her. They have the same conversation that anyone ever has about this storyline. Why would Willow do it, Chelsea is Bo Brady's daughter, etc. He says he can't do anything for her. She asks him to promise that noone will switch out the hairbrushes and her life depends on it.

She says she hopes he doesn't believe everything people say about her and he has to give her a second chance. He takes off but first she gives him a kiss and thanks him for being 'so good'. As he leaves he runs into Roman who says that he's the guy he's looking for. Roman tells him that the hairbrush is missing and Nick says noone seems to know where it is. Roman says they both know where it is.

Chelsea tells Max her car suddenly is working and invites him in to get a beer. He isn't interested but she insists. She reminds him that they used to date and she knows when something's bothering him and insists he come in. He says he's not in the mood. She says he can be the first to tour her new home and he asks if she should be showing perhaps Abby, or Nick. She says they have other things to do. They go inside and Max says he's happy for her so he hugs her. She changes into some really slutty clothing and says she's so happy to be in the Brady residence and belongs there.

Chelsea remembers that she promised him a beer and goes to get it. She comes back and naturally has a soda for herself. She wonders if she can get him anything else and he says he wants to know when she started going for the 'baby hooker' look and she says she's not a baby anymore. Max says he has to get going and she says she thought he was going to tell about his day - he looked like he had something to say. She remembers that she used to be the person he could turn to. He asks if she wants to help him and she says there's noone better to pour your heart out to than Abby's best friend.

Chelsea says she doesn't understand why things didn't work out between them and he tells her not to go there. Chelsea asks what's going on with Abby and he tells her what everyone has said. Chelsea says that Abby is too young for him. Max points out she's the same age Chelsea was a year ago. Chelsea says she's more mature and Max needs someone who knows as much about love as he does. After some deliberation she kisses him.

EJ pours champagne (actually, "sparkling pop") for Lucas and Kate and tells them he's going to Vegas - he's getting married. Lucas asks how he had time as he was spending so much time chasing Sami. Kate asks what her name and why he's getting married. EJ says it was all over love - she walked into his life. She was with someone but now she's not. EJ says he has to take about a week or two off work and Lucas protests. EJ laughs and wonders if he thinks he has a choice. Lucas says he doesn't have to do the extra work and EJ says he can fire him and sue him for breach of contract. He gives Lucas and Kate a laundry list of tasks and says he will send a text message if he has more.

Lucas says he has to get to some wedding photos and EJ says the next time he sees him he will be married. Kate bemoans what EJ is doing and he says he actually has more work for her because he will be honeymooning with his new wife - a lifelong honeymoon. Kate asks who this person is that he's marrying. She can't believe he's really getting married. She says she's going to guess who it is - a scrawny woman who the parents set him up with. He says he's going to miss her. She asks him to please name his bride. He says her name is Brandy Mathis. Brandy, she asks - is she a pole dancer? Kate says he can do better and he says she can look her up if she's intersted and he takes off - he has a plane to catch. Brandy Mathis of course is a good anagram for Samantha Brady.

Sami looks in the mirror and tells Celeste she can't go through with it. Don't worry, she'll change her mind at least eleven more times before dinner. Celeste tells her she has to and by tomorrow all of her problems will be over - EJ must die tonight. Celeste says he can't be at all suspicious and Sami says that's why she's worried. Celeste gives her a chance to get out of it and starts to walk and Sami stops her. Sami says she will plead with EJ and Celeste says that won't work. Perhaps she can play on his feelings and Celeste says she shouldn't fool herself.

Sami says she can't even think of killing him and Celeste says she will be killing him. Sami happens across the $200 in Will's backpack and Sami asks how he got it. He reluctantly admits he got it working for EJ. She gets upset and asks why he gave him money and he says he hooked up a few cables. Sami says he shouldn't be around EJ and Will says she spends more time with EJ than anyone else and walks off. Celeste says this proves how important it is that she goes through with the mission. She has to go straight from the shoot to the cabin - soon EJ will be roasting in hell.

Soon Lucas is home complaining about what EJ said. She's a bit nervous and he says she's so beautiful and she says she just wants the wedding behind them and to be his wife. The photographer comes by and takes great photos. After the photographer leaves she says she has to go to the grocery store and he says she can't leave - he has a surprise for her - they have a night at the Tower including a private chef - hugs and kisses all night. He will make her feel amazing. She says it sounds great but she has so much to do and so does he. He says she deserves a night out. She says she's going to get the groceries and meet him at the hotel. She asks about Will and Lucas says he is with Billie. He goes to pack some bags and when he leaves she calls Celeste and tells her that Lucas is making it impossible to leave and Celeste says she has to work it out no matter what. Sami says it's canceled. Celeste tells him to go with Lucas and she will meet her there. Lucas comes out with the luggage and asks if something is bothering her and she says nothing is bothering her. Her phone rings and Lucas asks who it was - she says it was noone important.

The noone important was EJ, of course, who tells her that she doesn't want to disappoint him - and we freeze frame on EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 17, 2007 6:34 PM
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