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Days of Our Lives: Another Possible Vegas Wedding for Sami?

Abe and Celeste toast to friendship. He says it's good to be out and thanks her for being his strength. He has lost everything but Theo and Celeste says she sees him in Theo. She says it's nice to be back in the family. Kate approaches the table and says she wants to know what is going on with Celeste and Sami. Celeste invites herself to sit down. She knows there's something going on between them and it is strange given what Sami did to Lexie. Kate asks if Abe is curious and he says he's not at all curious. She just wants to know what's going on so she can protect her son.

Kate brings up the conversations and Celeste tells her to shut up. Celeste says they have a truce now and Kate doesn't believe it. She knows it must be because Celeste knows what happened that night at the cabin. She looks to Abe and says he should realize something is going on, as a cop. He says his instincts are to believe Celeste. He asks why Sami would have told Celeste and Kate eventually gives up. Abe gives her a hard time for coming in like that when she has been sleeping with EJ. Abe tells her that so long as she doesn't respect Celeste, who is family, she can go to hell. After Kate leaves, Abe asks if she is really okay - she should be careful around Sami.

Lucas ruffles through some papers and calls them insane. Billie comes in and asks what's up. He says the PR budget defies logic and that EJ is getting really annoying. They argue about EJ. He is annoyed that EJ is betting that the wedding isn't going to happen. He knows EJ is up to something as his whole family is evil. Billie says that once the wedding goes off perfectly Sami will realize that she's married to a wonderful man. She finds a folder with financial reports for the budget and curiously, the numbers are all wrong. She suggests that he talk to the CFO and he says that's great except the CFO is EJ.

Clearly, Lucas says, EJ has been messing with the overhead and skimming off the top - if the board finds out he will get to go to jail. Billie says there's a problem - she won't let him take him down. If he's embezzling - well Billie says EJ is too smart to leave evidence. Lucas wonders if it's because he wants to invest in her. He gets ready to take some financial data on a cd and she says that if EJ goes down, Kate will as well. He can't want jail for his own mother. She tells him to let it go.

EJ and Sami make out and head over to the couch until she says she can't breathe. He says he doesn't want to stop until he knows that she is all his. He tells her she has to tell Lucas and she says they have to do this without being cruel. He tells her sooner is better and that he doesn't quite yet trust her - so she has twenty four hours to tell Lucas that the wedding is off and the baby is EJ's. She pleads that it is impossible and he says it will be perfectly feasible and she is to meet him at the cabin or else he will have Lucas meet him there and tell him everything.

He tells her after this they will go to Las Vegas to get married. She gets to promise she will love, honor and obey - and she says that's not said anymore. He says he is a traditionalist. She says she thought she could use some breathing room and he says that time is of the essence - a wife can't testify against her husband and Lucas wouldn't have a claim on the child. She says she can't seem to stop wanting him. He can either believe her or not - the kiss says he believes her, I think.

EJ tells her how he was sent to destroy the Brady family but then he met her and he lost sight of his goal and disappointed his father. Having her mother the next generation of DiMera will more than make up for it. She has to accept him or deny him - if she denies him, she will lose everything including the baby. She has to marry him or else. She says she doesn't even know why he still loves her. She explains that she has wanted her but at the same time hated herself for wanting him. He will be getting all of her but trust goes both ways - she has to trust that he won't take the baby away from her. He says it's a vow he will happily keep.

EJ says he imagines a happy future for them, laying in bed with their child between them. He has wanted her since they were together in the car and asks to make love to her and goes for it. Naturally this is just when Lucas arrives. He flees for the bathroom and she helps Lucas come in with arms full of bags. He bought an organic hemp tux but she doesn't want to look at it because she thinks it's bad luck to see the tuxedo before the wedding. He thinks it's quite weird. He goes to put the stuff away and EJ comes out and tells her he almost feels sorry for Lucas. She gets him to go and Lucas comes out and wonders who was at the door - she says it was a magazine salesman.

EJ sees Billie in the hall and tells her again they should sell the security system to Bo. She says she isn't interested in doing that. Billie apologizes but she isn't feeling well and goes back in her apartment.

Lucas goes to look for his shoes again and Sami makes a call to say that she is in on the EJ plan. Freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 6, 2007 10:18 PM
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