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Days of Our Lives: The Uncommon Common Room

The fight continues with Charlie and after he gets chucked out Gabby says he just caused more problems. Gabby says his drunken butt is attached to the sheriff - the sheriff who happens to be fond of Law & Order. Duck tells him as much. He tells Gabby that he wants Shawn, Belle, and Claire gone. Shawn blames Gabby for talking to Charlie about Shawn and Belle. He says at least now he knows that he can't trust her.

Belle tells Shawn that if he wants to have fist fights with drunken men over Gabby that he shouldn't tell her that they need to leave. He says that he got into the fist fight with Charlie because he insulted Belle. They discuss this and Gabby tells them that the sheriff is downstairs and they have to leave. Belle says that she won't leave and Shawn says they can't lose Claire. Shawn asks Gabby to stall the sheriff and he of course is at the door with Duck. He asks if they are going somewhere.

The sheriff asks for an explanation and he tells him how he got drunk and wouldn't listen to warnings to stop making sleazy remarks. Gabby says she was there and it's all the truth as she sets them with beers. He says he will be buried in paperwork and needs their passports. Belle says she is going to go for a walk and when she leaves, Duck goes in the room and tells it that he will see what he is hiding. Curious, he calls the room the same thing that he calls Shawn.

Belle approaches Shawn as the sheriff wonders how he left without a passport. Belle explains that they are trying to avoid being followed and the sheriff wonders who is following them. The sheriff says it sounds like a crock and Gabby says that she trusts them. Duck comes out of nowhere with their forged passports and says that they are lying. He shows the passports and the Sheriff says that they are surely in possession of forged passports. Gabby says they are all on the island to get lost for one reason or another and if that's a crime they should all be arrested.

The Sheriff says he has to go by the book when people come from outside. Gabby points out that the passports can't be used because it was an illegal search and asks the sheriff to please let it go. He says there's still a complaint and Gabby says she will get him to drop the complaint. Shawn asks for the passports and the sheriff says he will keep them and tells them not to leave the island.

Belle thanks Gabby for everything and she says it's no problem. Belle says she will take Claire upstairs. Claire cries due to a lack of cookie. Shawn apologizes to Gabby for giving her a hard time and she says she's glad they're staying - she doesn't have a lot of friends. He says now she has three and they're grateful so of course she gives him a big hug and says if there's anything she can do to help... meanwhile, Duck goes to see Belle and asks where Shawn is and she says he is down at the bar. Duck asks if they have problems and she says it's none of his business. He tells her that he wants to give her fair warning - Gabby has a weakness for strong men with baby blue eyes - and she kicks him out but not before he tells her to stake her claim before it's too late.

Max says he would never turn down lunch with his sister and Kayla wonders when the last time he ate as he is wolfing down the food. Max says things have been busy at the garage since Abby went on her trip. She's quite a girl, he says. Kayla asks when the last time he went on vacation and says the food in Italy is superb. She says she's going there and he can come along with him, gratis. He asks what the catch is and she says it may be a smidge... dangerous.

He asks if she really wants him to go on a dangerous trip to Italy. He says she's really good at making up stories but soon realizes she is serious. She says it's about Steve - he is in trouble. He apologizes for being out of the family loop and asks what is going on. She says that Stefano had Steve and tortured and brainwashed him - and EJ Wells is behind it. EJ is worse than his father - he has a hold on Steve and is causing him to do unspeakable things. All she wants to do is take on Stefano and find out what is going on. Max says it is insane and she could get killed.

She says it's either this or lose Steve forever. Max complains that he's not trained for this and what about her two brothers? She says she needs some help and needs him to back her up. She says with or without him she is going to go. He says it's way out of his job description and will stop her from leaving. She says if she has a chance to give Steve back his life she will do it. She says if she has to face Stefano alone she will do it because she would die for Steve. She apologizes for asking to get him involved and he owes them nothing. He says that he owes them because of what she and Steve did for him and Frankie but he wants to stop them. He finally agrees to do it but under one condition. He says he wants to stop in New York to surprise Abby. Kayla wonders if there's something going on between them and he says that they're just "buds". He just wants to thank her and she says he has become a lousy liar. She gives him one condition - he can't tell anyone and he says the secret is safe with him.

Patch stares at the vent in his room and when Doctor Kraft comes in asked what took so long. She says that there is a problem - he hasn't been taking his pills. He says that when he takes the pills his head turns to Styrofoam and she says they will adjust the medication and he says they're flattening him out and it's not the trip he signed up for. She says it's exactly the trip he signed up for.

She reminds him that he agreed to take the medication - he counters that he has worked in places like this and pharmaceutical cocktails can cause a person to go from normal to talking to the toilet. She tells him that the only reason he is there is because Kayla begged to let him in yet somehow he makes trouble. All it would take would be one phone call and he will be in prison. He says that he doesn't want to go to prison but he can't take any more of the pills - he is scared.

She asks him to talk to her and he says he's afraid that he won't get better and will be drugged up 24 hours a day until he fades away and nobody cares. She says they both want the same thing - for him to walk out with a clear head. He says he feels he can hold down the anger but he needs a clear head. She says that he has to cooperate fully or he has to leave the hospital. Basically, he has to take the medication or he will go to prison. She says she can do something to make it more appealing. He asks what the bribe is and she says it's more of a bargain - privileges. In his case if he takes his medication, he can have lunch in the commons, have newspapers, and will be able to watch television. He says he will finally be able to catch up on the soaps. He takes the medication and she checks his mouth but after she leaves he spits it out and tells noone in particular that he is coming for her - well, he's speaking in Kayla's general direction.

Outside, a man runs up to Steve and yells that he has to look out for the chickens. Steve says the place is finally making sense. Steve sits alone at the table and Doctor Kraft asks for his attention and he says he is feeling slow. She asks him why he kidnapped John and made Kalya remove his kidney. He says he had to. She tells him about Stockholm syndrome. He gets angry and she tells him to just relax. She says they will find if he was brainwashed - possibly psychologically. She goes off to take a phone call.

Steve finds himself disgusted by his food and offers it to someone else in the common room. He asks about his card game and goes to sit on the couch to comment on the cartoon. Suddenly a large man tells the person Steve gave his food to that it's only one meal per person and Steve tells him he gave him the food. The large man tells him to mind his own business and Steve says if he's looking to pick a fight he can bring it on. Steve calls the man bullmoose and tells him that he will do with his lunch what he wants and Bullmoose throws down the lunch and tells him to clean it up. Steve says it's his mess and he will clean it up and they have a stare down. Freeze frame on Steve.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 28, 2007 4:52 PM
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