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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Seperate Beds

Shawn and Belle argue further about the separate bed issue. He's less than pleased with it. She insists that she didn't tell everything to Gabby. She doesn't want to be a Willow to him. They cover their history and may as well just be saying "Robble, Robble" to each other. The bottom line is that until she is sure of them he has to sleep in a separate bed. He says he will sleep outside, in that case. Repetition, repetition. Belle gives him a "fine" and says he can go.

Doctor Kraft tells Steve that he has to take the medication and he finally relents. When Kayla comes to visit him he thanks her for everything she has done and begs her to please not tell Stephanie what is going on. They talk on and on and suddenly she is asking him to tell her why he took John from the hospital and he gets upset and says it wasn't EJ. He warns her to stay far away from EJ.

Willow asks Nick if he has made any progress in finding her housing and he says it has only been a couple of hours. EJ intrudes and asks what is going on and she says nothing and leaves. Nick and EJ introduce each other and EJ asks if Nick's lab did the amnio for Sami and Nick says he can't help. Celeste comes in and is less than pleased to see EJ and Nick. EJ says he will get him a sports car for the information and Nick says he can't help him and EJ leaves.

Lucas has found the blank amnio report and asks Sami what's going on. she says that she grabbed it by accident instead of a brochure. He throws it out. They make out on the couch and just as a mood enhancer he brings up EJ. Good job, Lucas. He talks about EJ wanting to meet with someone from an internet wedding web site and how they might get into that. Sami decides to take the trash out and EJ catches her and tells her she shouldn't look through the trash. He wonders when the results are coming back from the lab. She says that she will tell him as soon as she knows. EJ leaves.

Willow goes to visit EJ and begs him to buy the jewelry from her because nobody else will buy it.

Sami and Lucas fool around some more and are interrupted by Sami getting a call from Celeste - she tells her not to call again. Sami hides the amnio form and we have our lovely freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 23, 2007 3:19 PM
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