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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: The Honesty Episode

Shawn wonders if she is going to let him drown outside - when will he let him back inside? He apologizes for kissing her - it just felt right. He says he's not a monk and she says she's not Willow. Belle reminds her of how she hid Willow even though he could have lost Claire. He says it was nothing but sex to her. She wonders how she will know that what they might have is just sex. He says there's a huge difference between them. He says that he has feelings for her and she blows him off. He says feelings have everything to do with it and how much they mean to each other.

She says he doesn't get it and he says he's sorry for whatever he did and he will keep his hands to himself and asks for permission to come in. She says she will not give it and they have to come to an understanding. He says that every time she encourages him to get close she then pushes him away. He says that he just wanted her - not sex - and if she can't tell the difference then they are more lost than ever. She says that she definitely trusts him but she is a little unsure - she can't tell the difference between serious Shawn and fooling around Shawn. He asks her to hold his hand. Can't she feel it? He can't help but feel that they are destined to be together. She says she has often felt that. He asks what the problem is and she says she just needed to hear him say that. He tells her as far as he knows, on this island it's just him, her, and Claire - and maybe some monkeys. She should set the pace for them and she says he has to be patient. He says while being patient could he please stay under the roof?

She says since she won't let him come in he will just have to get naked. After he takes off nearly everything (wow, he is really nicely built) she says he can come in. He asks her to promise him to tell him what she is feeling about them and she asks him to tell her the same in return. Belle says she would be the happiest person if things worked out between them. They agree that they are very tired and should get some sleep. She says he can lay next to her and she grabs his ridiculously muscular arm and wraps it around her.

Hope hears Willow arguing with Jed about how she got the tuition money. He is sure that the money came from prostitution and she says it wasn't how she got the money. After he leaves Hope comes in and says she came to help. Willow tells her to get out as she doesn't need help. Hope asks what happened with Philip as she thought Philip was taking care of her. Apparently not. Willow says she has always hitched her star (not wagon?) to a loser and Hope says she wants to know what she can do to help.

Willow reminds her that Hope didn't want to help earlier. Hope says Maggie called her and told her what happened. She also wonders if the baby is really Shawn's and Willow says the only reason she is interested is that she doesn't want the world to think of her as a cold hearted person. Hope says there's a precious life growing in her that she needs to take care of. Is she under a doctor's care. Willow says she wishes she were.

Hope asks what happened to the money Victor gave her and she says that she smoked a lot of crack. Hope grabs her and yells at her not to make such jokes. Hope says she wanted Belle and Shawn to work out. She intensely dislikes her and lists all the reasons why including setting Shawn's apartment on fire. Willow reels over from faux pain. Hope says she wants to know what Willow needs so that her and the child are properly cared for. Willow shows off her living area - and has nothing. Hope says she scheduled her for an ob-gyn appointment - Hope and Bo will pay for it. Willow admits that Hope can be tough.

Hope wonders what she ate for breakfast - beef jerky and diet soda. Hope tells her that she should eat better and Willow says she wishes she could live somewhere else. Hope tells her she should make it happen and offers her a check. Willow tells her to take the checkbook straight to hell. Doesn't she know that there are no American banks there? Hope says she has to realize that she wasn't just going to invite Willow home with her - she has a mean streak and Hope can't risk having her around the baby, who STILL HASN'T HAD HER NAME ANNOUNCED ON THE SHOW. Willow tells Hope that she is sure that Shawn is dead. Hope tells her to shut up as she doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells her she is giving her a thousand dollars for food and vitamins and if she wants it, it is hers - she can tear it up. As Hope leaves Willow thanks her and says she hopes Shawn is alive, as well. After she leaves Willow tells her bag she is glad she knows something now and makes a call (probably Philip) and says she thinks she knows that Shawn, Belle, and Claire are definitely alive.

Kayla and Bo talk about how he and the DA discussed everything including choking her. Apparently the judge ordered Patch to go to the State hospital. Only the criminally insane go there. If only we knew which State this was. Patch comes in and tells her that she did this to him. She says she didn't mean for this to happen. Bo tells him that he's not going to prison. Stephen says he's going to be locked up and they will flush the key. Bo says they based their decision on recent history.

Steve says he wanted to leave town and now he will be thrown in with psychopaths and perverts and he won't be able to help himself. Kayla is the one who got this all started and she won't be able to help - and he will be so full of drugs that he will be hardly himself. He laughs and asks why she did this to him. She says this is their last chance to fix everything that is wrong with them and he says he won't make it. She says he can't give up. He describes how they set him up and yells at her when she gets close. Bo tells him to take out his anger on the wall if he must. Patch asks if he wants a fight - he is ready.

They argue further and Bo tells Kasarus to prepare him for transport. He suddenly breaks free and gives Bo a strong head butt. Or is it a strong butt head? Hard to tell the difference sometimes. Bo comforts Kayla who is quite upset. She asks the police not to hurt him and he tells them to shut her up and put a muzzle on Bo. Steve says that "the old Steve" is dead and gone. He doesn't want anything from either of them and doesn't want them to write or call or even send a card on his birthday because they are dead to him. Kayla tells him that she will appeal to have him moved to University hospital. He tells her to study her face and to tell him what she sees. She says that she sees the man that she loves and he says she's blind. She also sees a man lost to voices he can't control. No matter how harsh or hateful he gets she won't ever stop loving him. After Steve is taken away Bo embraces Kayla and she gets a good cry. Bo says that she needs to start taking care of herself and Kayla says she can't bear to lose Steve.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 2, 2007 5:14 PM
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