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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Frame-Up!

Hope thinks that someone tried to set fire to their home and it wasn't just an accident of some sort. Billie thinks that perhaps it was Chelsea. Why Chelsea, Hope wonders. She admits that she had a one night stand with Nick. Bo says he wishes he could just say he knows for sure she didn't have anything to do with it but he doesn't feel like he can. They want to be there for her. Billie complains that wine made her lose her daughter and dumps a bottle down the drain. The one with a garbage disposal, not the one that

Chelsea has been shacking up in the garage. Nick meets up with Abby outside the garage. Abby knocks on the door and asks if she can visit and Chelsea says only if she comes alone. Of course Nick soon joins them and Chelsea gets super mad. Chelsea says she never wants to see Nick again. Again. She says that because of him she has a porn in her mind of her boyfriend and her mother doing it. Well, at least she called him her boyfriend. Alas, she says she is through with him. He says she can have his debit card but naturally doesn't give her his pin and she notices this only she calls it a 'pin number' - what does the n in pin stand for, Chelse? Good thing he's with her. She says after she will be rid of him after he gives her the pin.

Kate sees Philip at the church and asks whom he is praying for. I would bet on "better dialogue" but he was actually praying for Claire. He is worried that she is out there somewhere but he doesn't know where. Philip is really upset that he has let Victor down once again. She tells him that he will probably not satisfy Victor no matter what becuase that's just how he is.

Shawn finds a bar and asks if anyone is there. A man comes out with a gun and asks who she is. Reminds me of the woman who confronted Jack and Jen in the woods a few months ago. He tells him that his daughter is sick and he asks to see her. The man, whose name is Duck, introduces everyone to his daughter Gabby. Let's see what trouble they can cause. Gabby checks out Claire and tells Duck that the baby could die in French. Aren't you glad I speak French? Good thing there's a hospital two hours away. On the other hand, Gabby might know what to do. They somehow get the Doctor and he brings her penicillin. Shawn thanks Duck but calls him sir. Oh, bad move. He's big on being called Duck.

Chelsea says that she is going to get a one way ticket to Chicago and that her friends and memories won't keep her in Salem. Bo asks if he can keep her there. She wonders if he got her note and he says that it wasn't in the evidence that they had found. She wonders what he is talking about and he says that there was a fire at the Brady house that could have killed Hope and Ciara Alice. It was definitely arson - and Chelsea wonders if he thinks she did it. She naturally flips out so he tells her that he needs to know exactly where and when she was - G-d's honest truth. She is less than pleased.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 14, 2007 8:54 PM
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