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Days of Our Lives: The Charlie Bash!

Shawn walks with Claire and shows her a teddy bear and wonders what they should name the bear. Freddy? Teddy? Belle comes in with laundry and is impressed with everything Shawn has done. He says it's part of them being partners. They discuss clothing and how it would be good for Claire to have new clothes - there's a consignment shop not too far off. Belle takes off and Shawn looks less than pleased. Gabby sets Shawn up with coffee and says she got her dress for practically nothing at the consignment shop.

She asks him to watch "things" at the bar and by "things" she refers to a drunken patron named Charlie. Charlie asks for a dance with Gabby and Shawn tells him to keep his hands off of her or he will break them. Gabby tells Shawn that Charlie is rich and this is just what he does. She asks him to keep his fists to himself because fights bring cops - and she gives him a little kiss on the cheek for wanting to be her hero.

Shawn asks if Claire is the winner of the most beautiful girl in the world contest and Gabby says she will get her camera so they can take photos. Shawn tells Belle to steer clear of Charlie and she says she's tired of being serious. Belle wonders if the camera will work and they talk about the bed switch and how Shawn was really upset. Belle apologizes for causing problems the previous night and Gabby says there wasn't anything going on between her and Shawn.

She says she didn't mean to embarrass her talking about Shawn and Belle says she can't help noticing she's beautiful and surely others are aware of it. Gabby says she's not trying to take Shawn away and isn't looking right now to get married - maybe if Superman would show up things would be different but she wants to live a simple life. Part of that is that she doesn't want to go after other women's men.

Charlie says he wants in on the taking photo action and Shawn tells him to go away. Gabby takes the photo of the lovely family and Belle says she wishes she had another to send to Roman and Gabby says they can send another one. Later, Charlie tells Shawn that he has too much of a good thing. Charlie says he wants a turn with Belle and he says it's his wife. Charlie says it's not what he heard - Shawn is just some guy that knocked her up. Shawn nearly kills him and Gabby has to pull him off of Charlie.

Willow comes to her YMCA apartment talking about selling the jewelry and finds Hope with her jewelery. She asks Hope what she is doing there and Hope asks what she is trying to unload. Willow takes the jewelry back and says it's her great Aunt's. Hope empties the bag and goes through and says it's all exactly like hers and that everything is there except the matches used to burn down the house. Willow says that the jewelry's not hers and obviously Chelsea must have planted it. Willow takes off when Hope turns her back.

Chelsea says that Bo should just arrest her and Billie says he's not there to arrest her. Bo comes with Kasarus and another officer in tow. Bo says he has to search Chelsea's room and Billie says he needs a written warrant. Bo says he nearly lost his whole family and Billie says that Chelsea is her family too. Chelsea says he may as well arrest her now even though she's not to blame. The police bring everything out of Chelsea's room, practically and Chelsea empties her purse and Bo tells her to cut the sarcasm. Bo whips out a hairbrush and asks if it is Chelsea's. She says she doesn't recognize it and Bo says he needs the truth and his phone rings. It's Hope who says they found the jewelry in Willow Stark's room.

He apologizes to Chelsea and says he couldn't be happier to be wrong. Billie says it's over now. Enter Hope who says that Willow claims that the jewelry was planted. Bo tells her to relax because you can't lie your way out of DNA. He asks her to forgive her dad and hopes one day he will get it right. Hope says that she's glad they got to the truth and Bo says this time there will be no mercy. They leave and Billie asks if Chelsea is okay and tells her she is proud of how she handled herself with her father and goes to freshen up. Chelsea calls Nick and says she needs help because her whole world is about to blow up in her face.

Kasarus and a fellow officer arrest Willow.

We see yesterday's Bastard from Hell episode again (one of the best part of the whole episode.) Sami asks what is going on and Kate says it's a surprise bridal shower. Everyone is all smiles other than EJ who tells Celeste he doesn't know who looks more surprised, her or Sami. He points out that for soemeone who doesn't have anything to do with Sami they're appearing together a lot.

He finds Sami and asks why her hands are shaking. Philip asks if it is okay that he is there and Sami says it's fine. EJ makes a point to say that there are tests you can take to know if it is a boy or a girl. Kate serves artichoke puffs including to EJ. Sami says EJ is leaving and he says he's not leaving. He drags her into a room and says he's not going anywhere until he finds out how she and Celeste are planning to kill him.

She says she will scream and he says she should go ahead. She says she will call her father and he tells her not to forget to mention the part where she helped him escape and lied to all the Salem Police Department. She says she doesn't care if he is speaking to the mayor and then says she will call back. He says they should call someone else and calls Bo and tells him that Sami has something important to tell him. She takes the phone who asks what she is doing with Wells.

She says he showed up and she called to thank them for the gift. He asks why she is calling from EJ's phone and she says her phone died and the land line is busy. He thanks her for the call. EJ asks her what her plans really are. She swears she isn't planning anything with Celeste and all she wants is to have a normal shower - she really is in tears. She says she can't keep lying to Lucas and doing everything else and dealing with EJ at the same time. All she wants is one party where she can pretend that she has a lasting and real relationship. He says he would give her everything in order to protect what is his. He says the nonsense with Celeste has to stop or she will never find the peace she is looking for. Celeste sends Sami a text message and she looks at her phone. EJ tells her it's the moment of truth and needs to know what's going on.

Kate confronts Celeste about mentioning murder. Lucas comes in and Kate says that he hasn't missed anything - the fun has just begun. Lucas asks where Sami is and then asks why Philip is there - Kate tells them to go outside to talk.

Lucas asks what Philip wants and he says he wants to apologize - not interested. Philip says they are brothers and Lucas says only when it is convenient.

Kate tells Marlena on the phone that she's sorry she can't make it. Philip and Lucas come back in and Lucas says that either of them can leave whenever they want. She says it took a lot of courage for Philip so he should have the courage to forgive him. Lucas says he will try and Philip says he will do so as well. Kate says if things go without bloodshed it will be a success. Lucas says he'd like to know where Sami is and Kate says he has been there the whole time.

Celeste tells Kate that she was talking about Theo getting into Will's school and it was just a misunderstanding.

Sami tells EJ that the killing thing was a misunderstanding about the headmaster at Will's school because they're not pleased with how things are going and they want to get Theo. Lucas comes in and says that the baby is none of EJ's business. Sami tells Lucas that she just came for a moment alone and EJ followed her. EJ leaves and Lucas tells her he loves her and trusts her - but what the hell is EJ doing with her in the room.

Philip gets a phone call and Kate tells EJ what Celeste said and EJ says it matches what Sami said. There's a gross moment between them. Let's just leave it at that. He excuses himself.

Philip tells Kate that he just got a lead on Claire. Kate says that Claire is gone and if he insists on tracking down every lead she will have to go with him. Sami and Lucas come out and they suggest drinks. Lucas eyes the door suspiciously. EJ stands at the door outside and tells one of her handkerchiefs that he has named "Samantha" that one day she will be his. Or perhaps he was talking about Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 27, 2007 3:41 PM
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