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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Rude Church Interruption

Billie and EJ meet and she presents him with her alarm system. He says it would certainly sell a lot better if she had the backing of the police. He is so impressed with the presentation that he kisses her and she tells him if they are going to work together he can't ever do that again. Salem to English dictionary : let's make sure it happens again. She tells him that he must have an ulterior motive - he is, after all, Elvis Junior.

He reminds her that she's not perfect. One of EJ's people comes by to talk about "the patient" and he tells him it's not a good time. Billie asks who the patient is and EJ says it's a dear friend who lives abroad. After Billie leaves the man tells EJ that Stefano is back in Italy and EJ tells him that he will finish the war that Stefano started.

Billie calls Bo and tells him she has a business proposal.

Nick and Chelsea discuss calculus and Shawn and Belle. Nick says they are surely okay. He can't figure out why she is having trouble with the math and she says it's because her brain doesn't work like his does. She should have probably just stopped at "doesn't work." He tries to help her understand the problem with some rhyming fun but to no avail. Chelsea thinks Nick will eventually get sick of her and he says that would never happy. Naturally, there is a kiss.

Claire still is injured and Belle can't worry enough for the three of them, it seems. She says they have to get off the island and Shawn says he will build a boat for them. All he has to do is find his copy of Boat Building for Idiots. Shawn tells Belle they can make it work and Belle is okay with this. Later, Belle apologizes to Shawn for treating him poorly earlier. He goes to build their boat.

Sami and Lucas rehearse the wedding ceremony but when they get to the Act of Contrition which Father Kelly says they should rehearse next week, Sami says she doesn't want to do it. He says they have to meet with bagpipers and she says she wants no bagpipes at the wedding. He wonders what is really bothering her and she says everything is and she calls off the wedding and starts to storm off. She tells him he deserves better. Last time she told that to someone she was lying to him as well.

Lucas agrees to no AoC and she agrees to bagpipes - they're going to be playing Amazing Grace, which she wanted. Sami says that she wants him to invite Kate. That's what Amazing Grace is about, somehow. Lucas goes to face the firing squad, leaving Sami. Sami decides now would be a good time for confessions. She goes over some of her more heinous crimes and begs the Almighty not to let Lucas find out that she slept with EJ, and not to let EJ be the father of the baby. Naturally, this is when EJ has just walked in and says that G-d can't unravel DNA and tells her to keep praying as confession is good for the soul - and freeze framing is apparently good for Sami as we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 6, 2007 8:53 PM
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