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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nick is the Man!

Nick and Abby talk about the kiss. Nick says that he feels like the man. He says it was the most fantastical thing ever. She wants him to give her every single last detail. She also worries that perhaps she is plotting revenge for the Shane Patton thing and he says that she's over that. She tells him that Chelsea is trying to get even with a former colleague of theirs from FIRST GRADE. Heck, I don't even remember the names of people I went to first grade with. He says he is honest with her now and has to tell her the truth about everything including THE BIG ONE. She thinks it's a bad idea and he argues as to why it is not. She takes off.

Abby goes to see Aunt Maggie and complains about what happened. Maggie says that there must be someone who will be able to communicate with him and she thinks that she is brilliant. After Abby leaves, Maggie asks the wall why she can't help Abby see that Max is not good for her. Nick soon enters and Aunt Maggie tells him that he should follow Abby's advice.

Nick calls Chelsea and says that he has to tell her something important. Billie stops him and says he can't tell her and he insists that he is going to. Billie calls Chelsea and says they need to talk.

Willow approaches EJ and asks him for a job. She says that she is pregnant with Shawn's child and she needs a job and EJ tells her to wait until after her appointment. His appointment is with Billie. He guesses that the meeting with Bo didn't go too well and she tries to think of other people who will say the product is good. She explains how Bo still thinks that EJ got Patrick to kidknap Hope. He says that Bo probably should need the security system to protect them from the bogeyman.

She says perhaps they should hire the bogeyman to scare Bo and EJ says it's a great idea. After Billie leaves EJ tells Willow that he does have a job for her. He writes her a check that seems like two year's salary for her and says she can have it for one day's work - breaking into the Brady house. She is reticent and he says she won't find a job, pregnant and an ex-prostitute. Soon after she leaves he calls the YWCA and tells them that Willow is pregnant, and not long afterwards they call her and say that they can't have her stay there if she is pregnant. She quickly realizes who ratted her out. Not only this, but Abby blows her off when she asks for job help. She goes back to EJ and says she will take the job but won't keep the jewelry she steals from Hope. EJ tells Willow that she is to tell nobody or she will not make it through the end of the year.

Sami is really freaking out - she does a fantastic imitation of Belle when the need is there. He suspects that what she is really afraid of is EJ. She says it's not about EJ and he says he will help her with whatever she needs. She says she can't tell him and he says that if that's the case, he can't marry her. She reminds him that whever she makes some error he retracts his love and he says he was unaware that was the case. It seems she's about to tell him what EJ did and Celeste walks in and wonders if she interrupted anything. Sami says that EJ wanted to be invited to the wedding and he says that perhaps a good girl movie and chocolate will help. After he leaves Sami tells Celeste she needs her help and Celeste says that's why she's there.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 8, 2007 9:40 PM
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