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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Mimi the Killer!

Jed and Abby sit at Chez Rouge where Jed is suprised that her aunt Maggie owns the place. He thinks it's cool and Maggie can't believe he called it that. He tells Abby that she is beautiful. She says she never gets told that - or at least, not that often. He tells her the people in Salem must be crazy. I don't understand how Jed got into the restaurant wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Abby admits she isn't really seeing the person she said she was seeing. The guy is involved with someone that, the more he helps her, the needier she gets.

They debate whether she is wasting her time with 'the guy'. She says that she and the guy click and it's hard to explain. Plus, there is pretty much no chance of any degree of incest with them because he's adopted. He wonders why she asked him out. They discuss this and suddenly Willow comes in. Abby tells her how Willow used to be a prostitute and how he should stay away from Willow Stark. He reintroduces himself - Jed Stark - Willow's brother. Willow is there to get her job back buck Maggie turns her down. Jed approaches Willow and tells her he knows she has been lying to her. Enter Nick who wonders what is going on. Jed asks how he got the tuition money and she says she can't tell him. Abby tells her to let her cool off before finding him. After Jed leaves Nick says he has a way to turn things around for them both. Jed goes to find Willow, Maggie calls someone to talk about Willow, and Nick suggests they go out ona double date. Abby is still hung up on Max but he says that Max is tighter than ever with Mimi and it is time to move on. She agrees.

Max goes to see Mimi. There's thankfully no dress code at the Lockhart house. Actually, sometimes I wish that there were. She tells him that Bonnie posted bail and she wants to help. Nick comes over and tells them that the DNA test showed that Mimi's blood was on the ring. She wonders how her blood could get on the ring. I wonder how Salem PD's analysis showed nothing yet Nick figured it out (again.) As Nick leaves Bonnie comes home and Mimi asks where she got the money - it was Victor Kiriakis.

Mimi won't believe her. She tells her how her blood was on the ring and asks for an explanation. She says Nick must be wrong and begs her to tell her the truth for once in her life and Bonnie agrees - she swears she won't like it and would rather not have known. She pours herself a glass of wine (whine?) and begins to tell the story. Her father came home smelling of alcohol and perfume with lipstick all over his shirt. Bonnie went off on him for being unemployed and spending her money on cheap women. He took a swing at her and when Mimi came home he swung at her too - hence the blood on the gold ring. In the present Mimi says she must be lying.

Back in the flashback Mimi grabbed Conner's bat and swung it at his head, while yelling. That was what killed him. Mimi gets hysterical and says she couldn't have killed her own father. Bonnie tells Mimi she gave her a tranquilizer and then Patrick came over and helped her put the body in that basement. Bonnie tells her to just keep her mouth shut about this and everything will be okay. Also, she has to leave Salem for good. Mimi says it's not right for her to leave and Bonnie says Mimi saved her life that night and now it's her turn to save Mimi. She wants Mimi and Conner to have a future but she has to leave that night. Max tells her that he thinks that Bonnie is right. He says he will support her either way but he thinks leaving would be best for her. Bonnie vows the Lockharts will rise again. Mimi says it's over for her and Max and it's okay. She has to leave to "beat the traffic". It's a long drive from middle of country to Arizona.

EJ tells Sami to open the door for Lucas, who asks what she is doing there. He also asks why she hung up the phone for him. Lucas says he doesn't trust EJ and EJ is puzzled as to why. Lucas wonders why he hasn't moved and EJ says that he hasn't found a place to move yet. Lucas speculates that he's staying to stay closer to Sami. He tells her that his accusations are tiresome and he just wanted Lucas to come over for truth telling. Sami goes to leave and EJ says he has to tell them something that is of interest to both of them.

EJ tells them that he gave Lucas a job when nobody would touch him with a ten foot pole and all he got back was insubordination and the insinuation that he is somehow a liar. Lucas says he directly state that he is a liar, not insinuated. EJ tells him that he has the truth for him - in spades, no less. Spades is a much easier game than Bridge so that's good. He says that he never had any intention of moving out because he wants to be near Sami which is odd because of how she set him up. Because he has the maturity of a fifteen year old he doesn't want anyone to get his girl. He actually said it. Lucas just wants him to keep his end of the deal and EJ wonders what will do if he doesn't and Lucas says he will quit and move them elsewhere. EJ says if this is the case he has a deal - he will move out as soon as possible. Lucas leaves and EJ reminds Sami she has to keep her end of the deal. Lucas brings over moving supplies and tells him he will see him at the office. Outside, they make out and she says he is amazing. Back in EJ's apartment he calls and asks to have updates on his father every half an hour. I wonder if "he farted quite loudly" would make it into an update.

Patch enters his own apartment using a credit card which is odd because he has the key. He finds Kayla who tells him that John is back at the hopsital. He asks her for money to leave Salem for good. Yeah, because we'd let the man voted Soap Opera Digest man of the week so many times in a row away that easily. Nice try, dude, but not this time. He says he can't stay because he can't fight the DiMeras. She swears she won't lose him to them. He says there's no excuse for what he did and she argues that he let her take John to the hospital. She refuses to give him money and says that he has family, friends - a life in Salem and she is not giving up.

Kayla tells him that she has made a phone call to the hospital after he has gone to the other room. He wonders why she keeps giving him second chances - she should have thrown him out. He tells her to give up on her as he is a danger to her and her family. She says she will never let him go and if he wants to leave he has to kill her first. He goes to leave and finds the police there and realizes that she set him up. He tries struggling with the police but they don't let him. As they take him away he says that she just signed his death warrant. We freeze frame on a distraught Kayla.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 1, 2007 2:58 PM
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