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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: March in Review

At some point I was thinking to myself about how it feels like so little has happened since the beginning of the year so I decided I was going to start compiling the month in review every month so you can see what happened during the month.

Let's see - Steve and Kayla. At the beginning of the month Steve broke into his own apartment so that he can tell Kayla that he's leaving the state and she has the police come and get him. He ends up in the state mental hospital but manages to get out. Naturally, by the end of the month he is back in, this time thanks to Kayla intervening and not letting him go to jail. He keeps insisting that he is taking the medication they give him but in fact he is not taking it. EJ makes it clear to him that he is not to contact him ever again and to keep Kayla away from him. Kayla, meanwhile, went over to Italy with Max and got photographic evidence that Stefano got one of John Black's kidneys.

EJ and Sami - where do we start with EJ and Sami? Actually, it's pretty simple. At the beginning of the month Sami is actually in church praying to the Almighty that He should make Lucas the father of the baby. Here begins the month long argument with Celeste that Sami should just kill EJ. By the end of the month Sami has made up a false amnio report stating that Lucas is the father of the child and EJ seems to be appeased.

Shawn, Belle, and Claire start off the month on one island and end up on an entirely different island. They make the acquaintance of Duck and his daughter Gabby, who Belle spends a lot of time thinking that she is interested in Shawn. Towards the end of the month Belle becomes determined to leave the island and just as they are ready to go Philip and Kate show up to ruin everything. The previews for Monday show us that Gabby will give up the fact that Shawn and Belle are in fact on the island.

Billie tries to get into business with EJ by interesting him in a home alarm system that involves using your mobile phone to monitor your home. Now if only everyone in Salem didn't have the exact same mobile phone. EJ gets Willow to break into the Brady home and she ends up stealing Hope's jewelry and starts a minor fire. She leaves Chelsea's hair brush behind so that they will think that it was Chelsea. The jewelry is found in Willow's YMCA shelter when Hope breaks in to confirm it while en route to Sami's wedding shower. Willow is arrested and things are actually even worse for her because EJ first gives her a check for her services but then gets into her apartment and flushes it down the toilet. I'm not sure why he didn't just cancel it.

Nick and Chelsea sure have their ups and downs this month. At the beginning of the month Chelsea is enchanted with Nick and they make out and he is just about ready to tell her that he slept with Billie. It comes out through Billie and Chelsea vows she won't ever talk to either of them again. Of course, we know that a vow in Salem is worth its weight in prison toilet paper, and by that I mean that they're worthless. By the end of the month Chelsea goes to Nick to ask him to fix it so that the police doesn't know that the hairbrush left behind at the Brady residence was hers.

Lucas and Sami have their own sets of ups and downs as they begin the month by practicing the wedding ceremony and end the month having a nice wedding shower for Sami that Kate helps in putting together. Lucas spends a lot of time wondering why Sami keeps on getting upset every time EJ is around. Duh, Lucas. Duh.

Abby briefly flirts with a guy named Jed but spends most of the month pining over Max. Max spends part of the month trying to help out Mimi who ends up leaving Salem when she realizes that she is the one who killed her father. He also spends a small part of the month, at the end, helping Kayla get to Italy to prove that Stefano has John Black's kidney. See above.

You know who we didn't see one time this whole month?

John Black. Seriously. Jed got more screen time than John Black. What's up with that? And when is he coming out of this stupid coma??

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 30, 2007 10:24 PM
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Does Drake Hogestyn get full pay for being in a coma? If so, what a gig.

-- Posted by: mac at March 31, 2007 11:41 AM

@Mac - Drake is on vacation. Something big with one of his kids, I think college graduation, but I'm not sure, it's been a long time since I read that somewhere.

@Gordon - I LOVE the monthly update! I don't always have time to read the Days updates, and this will help me for when I do get the rare chance to sit down and watch Days again!

@Mac (again) - I do always make time to read your weekly blog, tho! ;)

-- Posted by: AuntiePooh at April 2, 2007 4:03 PM

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