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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Let's All Be Super Careful!

Roman and Kayla discuss Steve who is in slumberland (along with Little Nemo of course...) She wishes he were the way he used to be... and he tells her that he talked to the DA and apparently the judge wants Steve in jail that night. No, she says, he needs help and should be back at the state hospital. Roman takes off and Doctor Kraft tells Kayla they won't take Steve back because he doesn't want to be helped at all. They argue and argue and argue. Kayla tells the doctor her history with Steve and the doctor is moved.

Chelsea doesn't want to discuss anything with Billie and packs her things yet again. She wonders where she got injured and Billie tells her that she had to help Steve. Billie nearly falls over but then says she is okay. Great ploy to get your daughter to stay, Billie! We have a great set of scenes in which Billie keeps on reading Chelsea's diary, gets disappointed by how much Chelsea is upset with her and sending her away for various tasks so she can keep on reading the diary. Naturally at some point Chelsea goes to leave and Billie tells her to stay and they can talk about a number of things she saw in the diary - and Chelsea wonders how she knew about all of them. A mother's touch, she insists.

Before Chelsea can leave Roman comes in and questions her on the fire and Billie tells Roman that he and Bo should have more confidence in Chelsea and he leaves. Billie tells Chelsea they will get the best lawyer they can and after Chelsea leaves Billie thanks G-d for the chance to get her daughter back.

Roman goes back to the hospital and Kayla is still trying to convince Doctor Kraft to take Steve back.

Belle tries to make a phone call to Marlena and when Shawn finds her he tells her he thinks it's a fantastic idea. I'm kidding, of course. He flips out and says they'll get caught if she continues. Gabby interrupts and says it's all her fault for suggesting it. Belle says they have to figure out some way of getting in touch with Marlena. Shawn has the idea to send mail to the Salem PD and therefore get in touch that way. It's not too long before Belle finishes the letter and she gives the letter to Gabby. Shawn gets angry when he sees the twin beds in their room. Gabby, meanwhile, rips up the letter and throws it out. Bad Gabby - don't you recycle - we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 22, 2007 8:15 PM
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