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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Jail Break! Not Quite...

Gabby wants to give Shawn some food but he just wants coffee. After she leaves Belle comes in to tell him that Claire's fever broke. They celebrate the breaking of the fever and Gabby once again offers food and Belle is into it but Shawn once again says it's not needed. They argue about this point extensively. Gabby tests him on his boat knowledge and it seems that perhaps Shawn could help fix their boat. After Belle and Claire go to get food Shawn asks why she is being so helpful and she says she found his face to be kind and trustworthy. Later, Duck tells Gabby that she should leave Shawn alone because Shawn and Belle are a couple. She says there was no ring on her finger...

Willow comes looking for the check and EJ comes to tell her that she shouldn't have set fire to the Brady house. He says he doesn't engage in business with arsonists. This is the son of Stefano speaking, remember. He tells her that they didn't meet and she says not to worry because she has set someone up to take the blame. She says that he owes him and he says that he is paying her with a lesson - not to trust anyone. She wonders if he meant never to pay her and he says she is clearly quite clever. He leaves and tells her not to call him again.

Sami, Lucas and Billie discuss the Chelsea situation. Could she have set the fire? Billie thinks she will never see Chelsea again so of course this is just when Chelsea comes in. She is so furious that Bo thinks that she did it and Billie says they will work it out together. Chelsea says there is no them. She says that they are nothing to her and she wants nothing to do with them. Sami makes it clear that Chelsea can stay with her if she wants to - she does. Naturally this is when EJ comes and tells Billie that she should try selling Bo on the security system again and she thinks it's a bad idea. Lucas agrees. EJ tells him that he works for him and should respect his business ideas. EJ leaves and tells Billie again that she should tell Bo.

Outside, Sami sees EJ and he reminds her she hasn't got much time to get the amnio. She tells him it will be a week.

Kayla comes to visit Steve and wants to help prove that EJ made him kidnap John - he doesn't want help. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to make things right and he says that she has to forget about him. Lots and lots of arguing. She says she will tell Stephanie and he forbids it. He grabs her and yells out to people that he has a knife on her and will use it. One of the aides comes in and he pushes Kayla onto him and then locks them in the room.

Billie is surprised when she finds herself face to face with Patch. Here is where we freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 15, 2007 9:17 PM
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