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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Hot Rocks! (None on Belle's Finger, Though...)

Belle is pleased that Claire's fever is completely gone and calls it a miracle. She thanks Shawn for his hard work on the raft. They argue about the bed situation - she wants it 1950's style with separate beds. He says he would rather just sleep outside, in that case. That's not an option, she says. She says she is just confused right now. Don't worry, Belle - so are the viewers. Now that Philip isn't right on their tail they have time to analyze their relationship. He tells her he wants to be a family forever. She says they will have to work things out in Salem, or at least try to.

Later, Shawn helps Duck with kegs of beer while Gabby and Belle talk about Belle's relationship with Shawn. She says her father can marry them here since she noticed they're not currently wearing rings - unless there's a reason they don't want to get married. Belle asks if she is interested in Shawn and she replies that she doesn't go for taken guys. Well you can't have two Billies on the show.

Chelsea and Willow continue the fight and Chelsea makes it clear she's serious - stay away from Nick. Willow taunts her saying that she will be in jail soon for the arson. Chelsea says she doesn't know what she's talking about, of course. Chelsea reminds Willow that she burned down Shawn's apartment. Willow says that Nick is already helping her find housing and would do anything for her.

Willow and Chelsea argue about the fire and Willow slips and mentions the robbery and Chelsea asks how she knew about the robbery. She says she just knows the goings on in town. Willow says she wouldn't want to hurt Bo and Hope because she's carrying their grandson. Meanwhile, Chelsea has every reason to hurt them after what they did. It nearly comes to blows. No, not related to Willow's former profession. Chelsea leaves and cries that she knows that Bo loves her and Willow wonders what she will do with the jewelry.

Marlena and Kayla are in hot pursuit of Steve and Billie. He takes her inside and puts her on a bed, covering her with a blanket and takes off. Kayla and Marlena argue over how dangerous Steve is while Billie somewhat wakes up. Patch comes back and tells her that her car is wrecked and came back to make sure she would be okay. She says he should have just left her there. He says he has to go and Billie asks how he will fight something that's part of him.

Kayla and Marlena ask around at a truck stop and one person says he saw an abandoned car in a ditch not too far from there.

Patch tells Billie that he can't trust her and she says that he needs to get himself back to Salem to get help. Maybe leaving Salem would be the best medicine, after all - it's what got him nearly killed to begin with! He tells her to have a nice life and Marlena and Kayla stop him from leaving. He tells them to step aside and Marlena tells him he's not going anywhere until he turns himself in. We freeze frame on Steve and Kayla.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 20, 2007 4:02 PM
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