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Days of Our Lives: He Wasn't Born Yesterday

Philip and Willow meet up. It's Phillow for all you fans of the couple wanting a couple name for them. She tells him that based on what Hope said, Shawn and Belle and Claire must still be alive. All she asks for is one bedroom in the Kiriakis mansion. He tells her no but says if she can come up with solid proof that they are alive she will be rewarded.

Lucas and EJ talk about work and Lucas mentions that the Brady-Roberts wedding is now going to be in May. EJ worries that they might not have enough time. Lucas says he wants the baby to have his last name and asks if EJ has a problem with that - and he says he just might. He says that given their family histories the baby should have the Horton name. EJ tells him that he's going to help clear Kate's schedule so she can be at the wedding and Lucas tells him she's not invited.

She walks in just then and says she's relieved and Lucas tells her that they're not speaking. What he really should have done is to tell EJ to tell her that they are not speaking. Alas. EJ tells them they have to be professional and work it out somehow. After EJ leaves Kate tells Lucas that Sami is keeping secrets from him and she will ruin his life. Doesn't she know that she is the life ruiner?

Sami goes to see Roman and asks about new leads on John's shooting. He sees right through it and asks why she is really asking about it. She says she is just worried, what with Lucas working for him. He tells her that they're going to try to get Shawn to swear that Patrick and EJ were working together. Roman leaves and EJ calls and he asks her what she found out and she says it's not a good time and says if he calls again or asks more questions she will kill him. You can guess that this is when Roman walks in, having taken it all in. She says it was the florist and he can't believe she talked to the florist like that. It was the hormones talking, she insists. She says she really wishes EJ were permanently behind bars and he says that they're working on that.

Sami goes to Mythic and finds EJ. She tells him about the Shawn plan but says he is probably dead, anyhow. He congratulates her on a job well done. He really needed her to tell him something that just about any idiot could have done through the fantastical power of deduction. He may as well off Chelsea since she pretty much knew they worked together, too, in a way. Soon, EJ is on the phone alone and tells someone that he needs to know where Shawn is as soon as Bo and Hope find out. He regrets not having killed Shawn when he had the chance.

Kate goes to the police station and meets up with Roman. She bemoans her lot and life and he tells her that just as Carrie and Austin were mostly together during their adult lives, so too were Sami and Lucas. What they have is a long term sort of thing. Kate says she will just have to get used to it.

Max and Abby talk about the Mimi situation and how she is now in Arizona thanks to the fact that she killed her father without realizing it. Abby comforts him and says she will be there for him. For some reason this is just when Jed decides to stumble on in. He is a bit inebriated owing to the fact that he found out that his tuition was in part paid for by prostitution money. Actually it was paid for with perjury money but hey - one's an illegal lie and one's an illegal lay, I guess. Jed is so upset that he tells her that he owes her a goodnight kiss and she pushes him off before he can give it a try.

Max gets to working on a car and Jed realizes that he's the one Abby has feelings for. Abby tells him that the other woman is now on the picture. He asks if this means she doesn't want to see him anymore. Does anyone recall her wanting to really see him to begin with? Neither do I, and neither does Abby - she says they should stay friends, which is I believe an old expression used in Salem that roughly translate to "We will eventually hook up." Abby tells him he will need a ride home and goes to get her car and Max comes out.

Belle tells Shawn that dear Claire has an infection. Unfortunately, they didn't take the doctor with them when they jumped ship. Belle makes a bandage for her. They worry that perhaps their luck is running out. Things get ugly when Belle sees a red line on Claire and thinks she has blood poisoning. Belle panics and says they need to get Claire off of the island or she will die - and we freeze frame on a panic-laden Belle. Yes, Belle, it's the island that is going to make her die, not whatever she is really sick with.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 5, 2007 8:48 PM
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