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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Game Over, Duck

Duck and Shawn discuss the reality - clearly Shawn's story is all made up. He says he honestly didn't kill anyone. Shawn promises he won't be in their hair for too long but Duck doesn't believe this is the case.

Belle wonders if Gabby heard her and Shawn discussing sleeping in seperate beds and Belle asks her not to say anything about it. Gabby says she will help her switch beds so that they have twin beds. They finish in record time. Gabby wants to hold Claire and Belle flips out but apologizes. She doesn't know if her own father is alive and she wishes she could talk with them. Gabby says she could use their phone. Belle says she promised she wouldn't call and Gabby says it won't hurt.

Shawn apparently tells Duck and he seems okay with it. Belle and Gabby pass by and go for the phone. He asks what is going on and Gabby says it's women issues and Shawn is uncomfortable enough to take Claire upstairs. When he happens to come back for the room key he sees Belle trying to call the United States. She is having problems. Apparently you have to tell them what state you're trying to reach, too.

Celeste bolts out of the restaurant but not before being stopped by EJ who wonders if she has been conspiring with Sami. Celeste says she can't stand Sami and wouldn't have anything to do with her. He tells her to sit down with her. She tells him she will hate him forever for what he did to Lexie and EJ says she just ran off with Tek. She tells him not even Stefano would have killed a family member like that and would be unhappy with him. EJ tells her he knows she is lying to him. He knows that Celeste met with Sami in the ladies room. She vows it was a coincidence that they were there at the same time. He finally believes her and tells her he wants to tell her Stefano's condition and she says she hopes that he rots in hell.

Patch tells Marlena that they're not going to stop him. Are they just trying to stall him until the hospital workers get there? They say that's not the case at all. Marlena, on the other hand, called Roman - the police are en route. Innocent people are being hurt, Marlena says and sprays Steve with mace as he tries to make a run for it. Billie and Marlena get him good and tied up as Kayla stares on in disbelief. They go into another room and Patch begs Kayla to let him free. He promises he will give her what they had before if she just lets him go and they kiss. She knows he's not really there as a result of this kiss. Marlena and Billie take him down and Marlena injects him with something. We of course freeze frame on Kayla.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 21, 2007 3:48 PM
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Shawn Gabby wants you all to herself.
Belle still has fellings for you shawn.
Gabby dosen't want you to be Belle Shawn.
I Just hope that Gabby fins you and Belle in bed together.

-- Posted by: Nicole at April 22, 2007 10:05 AM

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