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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Flushing Money Down The Toilet

Jed goes to hide the check and is interrupted by EJ who says that he is the manager there. He introduces himself and EJ says he should leave. After Jed leaves EJ finds the check and flushes it down the toilet.

Sami goes to see Nick and says that she wants him to get him fake test results saying that Lucas is her baby's father. He says he can't do that but will give her a blank report and she can do what she will with it. This is just when Lucas arrives and asks what she is doing there. She says she is there to see Chelsea to help her out - she is having girl problems. That's enough for Lucas.

Later, Sami gets home and EJ startles her. Somehow she faints and the blank report falls out. Lucas comes out and asks what is going on.

Bo and Billie talk. He catches on to the fact that she slept with Nick. He is shocked and says it's reprehensible. Bo gets a phone call from Abby saying that Chelsea is on her way to Bo's place.

Hope and baby Ciara Alice play. Yes, now she has a name and nobody made a to do about it, and nobody won any contest that Hope had, and it just happened without any mention.

Chelsea goes to see Bo and Hope but sees their lights go out and leaves a note for them. The note says that she has to leave Salem forever. Like that ever works... It particularly doesn't work because Willow finds the note and takes it.

The phone rings at the Brady residence and it is Bo - he is on his way home. She takes Ciara upstairs to change. Willow picks the lock to the house and gets in. She finds Hope's jewelry and stuffs it into a bag. She logically decides to use a candle for light. This naturally leads to the curtains catching fire. She leaves Chelsea's hairbrush. Hope figures out that the house is on fire and calls the fire department and then Bo. She tells him that someone broke in and did it.

Willow goes back to her room and can't find the check. Well, yeah.

Billie and Bo check out the extensive damage. Hope asks how this could have possibly happened and we find ourselves looking at the planted hairbrush. Wonder how that got there.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 13, 2007 9:59 PM
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