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Days of Our Lives: Father Max - Priest and Gunman

Max and Kayla are already in Italy. She says she hopes that G-d understands they're doing it for a good cause and Max says he's not going to give up now. He asks Sister Kayla to pray for them. It's not long before Father Max has a gun to his neck. Kayla says something in Italian and he opens the door. Max asks how she knew what to say and she says she picked up a few phrases in Italian including "we wish to pray with him". Max asks if this means she doesn't understand him. Alas, it does. The man comes back out and says that Stefano is sleeping but Kayla doesn't understand and repeats her phrase and he tells them in English what he said and points the gun at them once more.

Max admits that they are Americans and it's not long before he whips flowers out of his sleeve and knees the grunt between the legs and the grunt ends up with the flowers leaving Max with the gun. Nice trick, Father Max. Beats turning water to wine any day. Kayla gets the keys off of the henchman and Max sits down and asks him if he knows any place to get pizza. Kayla goes in the room and looks at Stefano's hand as it lays under the tent.

Kayla approaches Stefano and lifts up his tent. She looks at him and realizes it's true - he did get a kidney. She takes photos of him and then fingerprints him to seal the deal. Funny how everyone seems to have the same phone. She tells him that he's alive because of her giving him the kidney. She contemplates unplugging him from life support but decides she is not G-d. She hopes that He makes him suffer and that she and Steve are happy together and EJ is rotting in jail.

Kayla comes out and they lock the henchman in the closet and toss the gun in an wastebasket.

EJ goes to see Steve - Steve tells Squire Crumpets that he's sick of being his whipping boy. He wonders who let EJ in and he says he has friends. Steve says he knows that Kayla was tipped off by EJ that he was at Billie's - and what does he want, anyhow? EJ says he wants him to understand why he had him brought here and could keep him here. Steve says he's no good to EJ locked up and EJ says he is contained in here and he is not to ever contact him ever again. Steve says EJ needs him more than he needs him. EJ tells him about Philip's men finding Shawn and they discuss a task and Patch nearly chokes EJ.

Sami types into a laptop while Celeste hovers over her. Sami says she can't concentrate with Celeste and she says that she is pretty good at forging DNA results. It's some of her better work but Celeste says it's not good enough to fool a DiMera. Sami says the forgery will be good enough and Celeste says the only thing that will be good enough will be murder. She has to get rid of him.

Sami says she can't kill EJ and the only thing she could do is falsify the report. Celeste says that she could consider telling Lucas the truth and she says that she has considered it constantly. She says perhaps Lucas would understand but it wouldn't get rid of her EJ problem and Sami says she is not going to kill EJ. Celeste says she will regret this and Sami says for now she just wants to be left alone. Celeste tells her she has to make sure her plan is convincing because she won't get a second chance.

Sami puts the report in an envelope and seals it and manages to get a paper cut and asks Celeste not to say it's a bad omen - and Celeste leaves. Sami calls EJ who is still being roughed up by Patch - he excuses himself. As EJ is leaving he tells him to keep Kayla out of his business. EJ arrives at Sami's and she invites him in and says a messenger brought over the envelope. He says this reminds him of the good old days when they would open the notes together and she says he was the one sending the notes. He denies it of course. She tells him to open the envelope and he says as the mother she should open it.

Sami opens the the envelope and starts to cry. He asks if she is okay and she says she is more than okay because he is not the father. He asks to see the envelope. She says the test is accurate to 99.98%. She says he won't father her child and he says he was so... sure. He asks how it could possibly be.

Steve nearly breaks the door down and finally says he took too many pills to get Doctor Kraft. She comes in and he says it's a matter of life and death - he has to talk to his wife. Later Doctor Kraft comes back and says that Kayla is out of the country. He asks where and she says that Kayla is in Italy. She leaves and Steve reels and asks what Kayla is doing.

Shawn tells Belle they can't leave any sign that they were there and Belle asks if he's sure they should go and he says he is. Belle says Australia will be great for Claire and Shawn says he is sold already and they should just go and get a boat. He goes outside and finds Gabby crying - she says it's just allergies. He asks if she knows anyone who would trade a boat for Belle's ring - they need it to get off the island.

Gabby looks at the ring and says he'll get more for the ring in Australia and he says they need to leave now. She wonders if they shouldn't wait for a response from the family and he says they have made the decision together and need to leave. She says she will do her best and she will miss him. He says he won't forget them and takes off to tell Duck they're going to leave. Gabby knocks on the door and shows Belle the ring and tells her how Shawn wanted to trade the ring for a boat - and what could she do to make them stay?

Belle asks why she cares if they stay or go unless she wants Shawn. Gabby repeats that she doesn't steal guys. Belle says that Gabby is not completely honest with her and Gabby says she is paranoid and unless someone has been talking about her and she realizes someone has probably been talking about her. Belle is reluctant but says it was her father.

Shawn tells Duck that after he hauls in some boxes that they are going to leave. Duck tells him he still owes him for his room and board and they can't leave until he pays up. He asks if his woman knows they're leaving because he has the hots for his daughter and they argue the point and Duck says it was nice knowing him too and calls him a Boy Scout again.

Gabby has to LOL and wonders if they are going to pack because of something Duck says. She says it's because her father still thinks she's ten and is overprotective. They discuss Duck and how he's overworked - and how having them around has been good for them. Gabby says they should think really hard before leaving because what they have there is pretty good. Gabby says that Claire is so wonderful and she will miss them but understands why they need to go. She wishes she could escape as well. Belle asks if she is kidding and Gabby says part of her wishes she could leave but she can't leave Duck. Belle apologizes for her accusations and asks her not to tell Shawn. Shawn comes back and tells Gabby everything that happened and Gabby says she will get the boat that day. She takes a teething ring and says she will put it in the freezer.

Gabby slams the teething ring down and Duck asks what is wrong and she says he knows what he did and doesn't want him around. He says he is going to go fishing and she thanks him for leaving him alone. Gabby makes a phone call - does the captain know anyone who would trade a boat for a nice wedding ring? A man clears his throat behind her - it's Philip.

Shawn hugs Belle and says everything will be okay. He tells her they should get going and leaves. Belle continues packing up her things and looks at her photo of John and Marlena.

Shawn comes downstairs and sees Philip at the bar and hides behind it. Philip approaches Gabby and shows her a photo of Shawn and Belle and says that they kidnapped her daughter - has she seen them? We freeze frame on a distraught Shawn.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 30, 2007 4:04 PM
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