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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: EJ Grills Billie

While Sami is fitted for her dress she and Chelsea talk about love and how Chelsea thinks it's over for her and love. She thinks this time it's going to work for Sami. She wonders how she can forgive Kate and she says that she is forgiving Kate as others have forgiven her. Chelsea says that Sami is the only one in the family she doesn't hate. She tells her the whole story of Billie and Nick. EJ interrupts and Chelsea leaves - he wants to know if she has the amnio yet and she says she will have the results soon.

Lucas and Kate argue about what Kate is going to wear to the wedding. Lucas says he has something that Sami wants her to wear and Kate has her own dress. She says that the colors don't fit with her wardrobe. She finally agrees to do it. Lucas leaves and EJ finds her and she complains about the color choices. She then goes back to the beam on Lucas story and asks EJ what his agenda with Sami is.

Kayla and Marlena discuss Steve. Kayla worries that the cops will find Steve and that Marlena thinks he's crazy like the Gnarls Barkley song. She just wants to be friends. Kayla gets a call from EJ telling her that Patch is with Billie. She tells Marlena as much. They go to Billie's apartment but by this point they are no longer there. They find the map that Patch left behind.

Willow is happy to know that her ultrasounds are going well. Nick finds her curiously crying and she bemoans her situation - needing to move out of the Y. He tries to console her but to no avail. As she leaves, she faints - seems to happen a lot to pregnant women. After she comes to he says he will talk to Mickey about helping her out with housing. This is of course when Chelsea comes in and she and Nick argue over what she is doing with Willow. They argue over the past and he tells her that he loves her and she says that he's not allowed to say that anymore. She says she won't ever forgive him and goes. She finds Willow and tells her to Stay away from Nick and to forget she ever met him.

EJ visits Billie who wants to know why she lied abuot Chelsea - he saw her at the Grill. She says she just had one of those days. She tells him that there was a box left for him at her apartment and she gave it to the super. He goes to get ait and after he leaves she asks Patch why he is acting crazily. He says that they need to get him across the state line and she won't have to see him again. As she and Patch are sneaking out she hears Chelsea's voice and he tells her not to answer and then she says she won't go anywhere with him because he hindered her relationship with Chelsea. He manages to convince her to go with him. She leaves the map behind. He later guesses this is the case. He flips out and tells her to pull over because she has to get out.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 19, 2007 5:30 PM
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