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Days of Our Lives: Dreaming of a Green Wedding

Belle is tired and is worried that Claire isn't tired. Good thing she has a nice supply of cookies. There's a knocking at the door and it's Duck. He wonders if she was expecting someone else. Duck apologizes for coming so late but he needs to speak with Shawn and Belle says he's not there. Duck wonders what kind of man leaves his woman and baby in the middle of the night. She says that Shawn just needed some air and Duck questions all this. Belle says if he is trying to ask something he should just ask it. He tells her that she need not get huffy and she apologizes. He asks her to tell him to be ready for work bright and early.

Shawn sleeps on a couch outside. Gabby approaches and notices the beautiful night - she couldn't sleep either. She offers him a beer but he passes. She wonders if everything is okay with the beds and he says he just needed to get some air and she guesses that they had a fight but feels it's none of her business and goes to leave.

He stops her and says he will take the beer. She apologizes again for encouraging Belle to call home and he says it's not to do with her. She says the last thing she wants to do is to cause problems for them. Naturally, she will be exactly the person to cause problems for them. She apologizes for getting into their business and Shawn says it's okay. He mentions her former engagement ring and how it's from her former husband. She asks if he loves Belle and if she loves him and he says he thinks so.

He says they're not exactly there yet - they're mostly together now because of Claire and she said she needs time to figure things out. Gabby wonders how someone as sweet, funny, and brave as him could be having such problems and then apologizes for saying something inappropriate. Looks like she is already causing problems.

She says he should at least know where he stands. He can't believe that he was hooking up with a hooker and working for a criminal. She says that she doesn't look down on people for what happened to them and mentions that her mother was a walker of the night. Shawn apologizes for possibly offending her mother. She tells the story of her mother who was in Saigon during "The War".

Apparently her mother died not too long after she was born. Not long after that a marine came to the orphanage and scooped her up and said that he was her father. He never spoke badly against her mother. Duck, meanwhile, is listening in on this whole conversation. Shawn says he has a new found respect for Duck and Gabby says that he is like Duck in some ways, the way he has sacrificed so much for his child and Belle. She's still not trying to cause problems.

This is just when Belle shows up and we hear the ominous piano music. Gabby says she should get to bed and takes off. Belle says that Shawn should tuck her in - it should only take a couple of minutes and he says he was thinking of coming upstairs with her if it is okay and she says it is okay. As they walk off Gabby watches. No causing problems here. In their room, Belle says she doesn't know what she would do without Shawn and he says he has been thinking about their arguments and says it's not fair to put pressure on her. He says from now on it's all for Claire.

Philip and EJ meet up and Philip says he wants to talk about Shawn - what does EJ know about Shawn? Philip says he has reason to believe Shawn is still alive and EJ says they too have unfinished business and asks how he can help. Philip says they should exchange information and EJ says he has a partner in him and they shake on it. What a sleazy yet handsome partnership. EJ says it looks like the beginning of a very useful partnership. Philip says he has to go to the shower and takes off and EJ ponders the shower.

Hope goes to see Billie - she is en route to the shower and wants to talk about the night of the fire. Hope says that if she has learned anything in the last year it is that she shouldn't judge too quickly but she knows that someone started the fire. Billie says that Chelsea has problems but she is not a thief or an arsonist. Hope says that when Chelsea is upset she can act unpredictably. All she wants to say is that Chelsea is unpredictable and could be in trouble. Billie says she is aware of this but she isn't upset at Bo - she is upset at Billie, and why can't Bo see that?

Hope says that Bo has to follow the lead given everything. Billie asks what is in Hope's heart - does she think that Chelsea is capable of such a thing? Hope says she's not really sure - she came hoping to find answers. Billie says she will have to ask Chelsea if she wants answers.

Sami looks for her wedding plan file - they're meeting with theknot and wants to be prepared. He says that she would be a great wedding planner and rushes her along. When she goes into their bedroom he calls Kate and says the surprise wedding shower is going along great. After Lucas and Sami leave, Chelsea and Kate sneak into the apartment. Kate presents her with Artichoke Hearts which are apparently delicious. She thinks perhaps Sami is more of a beer and pork rind sort of person.

Kate goes on about how Sami will wreck Lucas' life and Chelsea says they love each other and Kate says that being in love has advantages but you shouldn't let it make you stupid. Chelsea wonders if this is an allusion to Nick. Kate says that Chelsea has to get over what happened with her mother. Kate says that Billie was drunk and didn't know that Chelsea would be interested in Nick and Nick was ruled by a different brain. She says she should forgive Billie but to choose what to do with Nick - but not obsess with it- get on with it or get over it. Billie and Hope arrive and Chelsea excuses herself to make a phone call.

Hope goes to Billie's apartment to talk with Chelsea - she tells Chelsea that not only does Billie support her, but Kate does as well. Chelsea says this is true but Bo and Hope think that she's guilty. Hope points out that she was there that night and Chelsea says it was Willow who did it. Hope says that Willow is a suspect but she says that she was with Jed - and Jed confirmed it. Chelsea says she would never try to hurt Hope or the baby. She loves them and wishes that she would believe her. Hope says that she believes her. Chelsea wonders when this happened and Hope says just now - she saw the truth in her eyes. Billie comes in and asks what is going on and Chelsea explains. Apparently Bo is on his way over on official business. He is coming to get a statement, says Billie. Hope says she thought of a way she can help and goes to check out a hunch. She says she will be there for her statement and Chelsea says she wants her there - needs her.

Philip shows up and Billie and Kate say that they're happy that he's there. Philip says he is sure Lucas won't be happy to see him. He gets a hug and agrees it is good to be back. The doorbell rings and Kate goes to answer - it is EJ with a lovely present. Kate invites him in and says the party might be fun after all.

Sami meets with the woman from the knot and Celeste calls and tells her not to hang up as her future depends on it. Things have gone from bad to worse with EJ and she says they need to talk. Sami says that she is just not interested and then says that it was a DJ that won't give up on her hiring them. The woman from the knot congratulates them both on true love and Sami says the wedding will be fantastic. She brought some plans and shows them off.

The person says that she feels the wedding will be traditional and Lucas brings up a virtual ceremony. Sami is upset because she wanted the wedding to be creative and stand out from the others. The person says she should consider a green wedding - not the color, but for it to be environmentally friendly. Dressing in organic cotton, driving with hybrid cars, and using solar powered fans and even soy candles. Sami says it's totally right and compares saving Lucas' life to saving the environment. Sami is all aboard but Lucas says, and I'm not joking, "Hold your hybrids." He says it's a no go. He says the arrangements have been made and she says they can be unmade. He wonders if she isn't doing this just for publicity and she says that this is about the polar icecaps and grizzly bears. She asks him pretty please with tofu on top and he says that since it's protein based it's okay.

Sami gets to the building and sees Celeste. Sami tells her they can't be seen together by Lucas. Celeste tells her that she saw Nick getting pressed by EJ and wonders what is going on. She says that she asked for the blank lab report. Celeste says that EJ is on top of things and will destroy her when he finds out. Super ominous music. Sami says EJ doesn't scare her and Celeste tells her how EJ knew that they met up. Sami says she has to plan the wedding and opens the door a little. Celeste tells her, "You know what you have to do. That bastard from hell deserves to die." Just then, EJ opens the door and everyone inside the apartment yells, "SURPRISE!" EJ gives them a super "I am looking at you" look.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 26, 2007 3:09 PM
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