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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Bring It On!

Belle walks around and frets while Shawn sleeps. She sorts through their fresh laundry and he gets up and asks what time it is. The sun just came out, she says. He says he had a dream that she was right - and he was trying to apologize for being wrong. She says that Claire has been on the run for a long time and she needs more than just them. Shawn says that it will be hard to find Claire a play date on the island and Belle says that's why it's time to leave for Australia. She says it's not a fit place to raise a child and gives a laundry list of other reasons to leave. He asks if she has a plan and she says that she does - their lives depend on it.

She says they will trade her wedding ring for a boat and he says that could work. She says that will work. They'll go to Australia and get jobs. She wonders if he still feels the same way about her and he says he is but he is wondering if there are other reasons she wants to leave. He wants to hear these other reasons. She accuses him of saying she is lying and they argue this until Gabby brings them breakfast and asks how they slept. Also she asks Shawn to go help Duck with the generator. After he leaves Gabby asks if everything is okay and that she can help out with Claire and Belle asks why she is so interested in her child.

Belle tells Gabby that she is just a stranger and that she cares a little too much. Gabby says she is sorry if she overstepped and if it upsets her she will back away. Belle backpedals and says she didn't want to upset her. Gabby insists she is all about the truth and Belle asks if she is really interested in a girlfriend after all. She figures out it is about Shawn and says she had no idea she felt this way - jealous? Does she see her as a rival? Gabby says that she isn't interested in Shawn and this is just when Shawn comes in to say the generator is on its last leg. After Gabby leaves Belle asks if he still loves her and he says that he does. She says if so he has to help her pack and they have to leave.

He tells her she never has to ask if he loves her and she reminds him she kicked him out of bed. He says that won't be forever. She says she loves him and she's sorry she has been so hard on him. He asks her to repeat and she just repeats the latter and he asks for the former. Belle says this island isn't the best place for them to find their way back to each other and it scares her because losing her would break her heart. He says the last thing he wants to do is break her heart. She asks if he is okay with leaving and he says he wishes he could save some money and she says they will make it work - and they kiss, of course. He says they'll go and she asks when. He says they'll leave today and Gabby of course is outside listening in.

Chelsea finds Nick in the lab and asks if he got her call. He says he was going to call her and she says she wishes that he had. He says that it's great - not that he wants forgiveness - they should move on with their lives. She asks if he still loves her - does he feel the same way? He says he loves her more. She says that's good because she's in a lot of trouble and she needs help. He says that he's there no matter what - not just a cheesy line. She says that she needs someone who can take a huge risk for her and he says that it's him. She explains how everyone was trying to pin the arson on her and how the jewelry was in Willow Stark's apartment. He says that everything sounds perfectly fine. She explains how the police found a hairbrush at the scene of the crime - her hairbrush. If it comes out, she is done for.

He says that they can't know it's their key piece of evidence and she insists that it is. She wonders if he can't just lose this key piece of evidence - it would be so easy. She reminds him that he said he would do anything and she says that accidents happen. He says he can't do it.

He wonders how her hairbrush got there and she says one time someone took her hair brush - Willow. She is trying to frame her. He wonders what she wants him to do and she says she needs him to fix things so she won't get thrown in jail. He says there has to be another way and she says there is no other way. He reminds her that she said she never wanted to see him again and she says it doesn't mean she doesn't care about him or to be with him. He says there are other ways but she isn't looking at them.

He says that she has to tell Bo the truth and she wonders if this means he won't do it. He says he won't compromise his integrity and she says it means he thinks that she did it. He denies this and he says that he knows that she didn't do it. He wonders why she can't see his side of things. He wonders what she would say if he asked her to rob a bank and she says she would do it because she would do anything for him and she thought he felt the same way but she was apparently wrong.

Chelsea calls an airline to book the next available flight to New York and leaves - and Nick goes after her.

Kayla thanks Max for making the trip to Italy with her. He asks what they are doing and she says they're going to see Stefano. She says it's a long story and he says they have nothing but time. She tells him about Steve kidnapping John and removing one of his kidneys - well, she did it. Max can't believe it. Even though it was against EJ's orders, he called her. Max wonders what they wanted to do with John's kidney and she says that it was probably for Stefano. What they have to do is show proof that Stefano received the kidney. Kayla basically blames herself for everything because if it weren't for her, Steve would have never encountered the DiMeras.

Max asks how they are going to do this and Kayla says they need some sort of distraction - divine intervention? Max sees a priest walk by and he says there is always plan B. He goes into the overhead bin. She asks what he is doing and he shows her that he took one of his collars. They just have to dress as members of the clergy and it will work. He wonders how her brothers will react and she says she realizes this is unlike her and she has to get down and dirty - an avenging. Max compliments her and says she is genuinely tough and they will get it done the Brady way. Kayla gives the priest money - a donation to his parish.

Bulldog asks if Steve has ears and orders him to clean up the mess. Steve says it looks like pig slop, and he should eat it. Bulldog tells him to clean it up or he will go in the straight jacket. Steve puts the salsbury steaks on Bulldog's shoes and asks if he wants fries with that. Bulldog pulls him up and tells him he crossed the line. Steve tells him his bulging vein makes him sexy. They exchange words until Bulldog pulls out a tazer and asks if he has ever been shocked. He says if he doesn't clean up he will use the tazer.

They exchange more words and Steve points out that he humiliated the guy who just wanted a little more food. The tension mounts and Steve takes off his shirt and gives him a target and Bulldog eventually shoots - and Doctor Kraft comes in and asks what is going on. Doctor Kraft tells Bulldog that he hasn't any permission to use the weapon unless his life is in danger and tells him off. Steve tells him that he really got his neon glowing, so to speak.

She approaches Steve and asks him how he is and he says he feels charged up. He makes kissy faces at Bulldog as he walks out with her. Back in the room Doctor Kraft asks why he didn't go after Bulldog and he says that he was just listening to what she told him and she says she's proud of him. Bulldog comes to the room and she tells him to give Steve a clean shirt and she will talk to him first thing in the morning - and leaves. Bulldog tells Steve that he made one hell of an enemy and Steve tells him to bring it on. Oh, Steve. No cool freeze frame but Kayla looks nice wearing a nun's outfit in the preview.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 30, 2007 4:24 AM
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