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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Brats Together Forever - The Girl Brat Pack!

Chelsea complains to Sami that she misses her adoptive family. Sami hopes it will make things better if she invites her to be a bridesmaid. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride, Sami. Not a good feeling.

Celeste and Beny meet up in her car where she tells him that EJ needs to be put on ice. They determine that EJ just wants to have Sami's baby. I thought we knew this one already.

Kayla frets and worried about Steve. Roman tells her he will put out an APB on him and she says he shouldn't. He says he has to do what it takes to get him off the streets - and I don't mean the English rapper. He goes through different places and people she has suggested and says that he didn't mention Billie. She calls Billie.

Billie wonders how Steve is doing. He tells her that he just broke out of the hospital. EJ comes to visit and Steve hides. Billie says that she won't go to the Penthouse Grill with him because Chelsea is there. After EJ leaves Steve asks what is going on with them and she says it was just business. The phone rings but Steve tells her not to pick up. She says it could be Chelsea and picks up - but it's Kayla, who wonders if she has seen Steve. She says she hasn't and Kayla says that Steve escaped from a hospital. Billie goes to get clothes from Lucas' apartment.

EJ goes to the Grill and spots Chelsea with Sami. They're talking about the upcoming wedding and EJ interrupts to say hello and wonders if she is just getting her hopes up. Chelsea says she can't be a brides maid. Meanwhile, EJ talks to Stefano's doctor who would rather spend the money on a plane ticket than to call him on the phone. The doctor says that he might need to find a bone marrow donor. Sami gets a note and excuses herself and walks right past EJ. He goes over and asks if Sami is okay and Chelsea says she is fine. Enter Roman and Kayla who want to know what's going on. Naturally, Sami got the note from Celeste who tells her once again that she has to kill EJ. Kayla of course is asking what EJ did with Patch and he of course is clueless as usual. EJ says that he will sue again and doesn't even know where Patch is - have they tried Billie's place? EJ decides to take off.

Steve marks out plans on paper and tells Billie that he is working out routes for them to take. He wonders if she is afraid of him and she says that she is. He says he knows that he hurt her but they are still friend and needs her help. She says she will help him. EJ comes by again and asks what is going on, really. Freeze frame on a hiding Patch.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 16, 2007 9:41 PM
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