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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Bad Crazy

Celeste and Sami talk about EJ and Celeste insists that the only way to get him out of her life is to kill him. She says she can't tell Lucas the truth but she can't kill EJ. Celeste says one of them will be destroyed. Celeste tells her that EJ killed her daughter and Sami says that perhaps Lexie is alive and Celeste says it's not possible. Celeste says that says that EJ will have power over her even if it's Lucas' baby. Sami realizes that EJ will indubitably tell Lucas the truth and he won't believe that she was raped because it has been so long without her telling him. Sami says she has to go along with Celeste's plan. People aren't going to trip over themselves trying to find whomever killed EJ.

EJ comes to visit Steve. He wonders why he left Salem and Steve tells him he just wanted to get rid of Kayla so he would be able to do what EJ wanted him to do. He tells Steve that Kayla was just there and clearly he can't control his wife and he will have to take matters into his own hands. Steve says he will kill EJ if he hurts Kayla. EJ tells him that he can choose to continue to fight him and spend his life in this hospital or he can cooperate. Steve tells him he will cooperate and asks him just not to hurt Kayla. After EJ leaves, Doctor Kraft asks Patch about her missing phone and finds it on him.

Sami goes to see EJ and tells him that she will get the amnio, but what will be if the baby is Lucas'? He says that if it's Lucas', he will leave her alone. She leaves his office and makes a call and says she needs to see whomever it was she was on the phone with.

Chelsea is understandably furious with Nick and Billie. Billie tries to explain that she had called and asked her to get rid of him and Chelsea says she meant to have him leave, not have sex with him. They try to make excuse after excuse but Chelsea is not having it. Billie admits that she has made a mistake. Chelsea tells Billie that she means nothing to her. She goes to the garage and finds the phone book and sees that the phone number to the Penthouse Grill is circled. She heads off to the Grill.

Billie tries calling Chelsea but ends up leaving a message for her. Nick says they should call Bo and she finally agrees.

Abby looks up a number in the phone book and calls. She and Max have dinner with Jed and Willow. Curiously, Max isn't sure this is a date. Abby gets a phone call from Nick, who tells her that Chelsea knows. Max finally determines that it is a date. Abby feels a little embarrassed when her Aunt Maggie enters. Willow gives the check to Jed and asks him to put it under the mattress at the Y. Maggie tells Jed to take good care of Abby.

Chelsea finds herself in the Grill and Abby excuses herself to go and talk with her. Chelsea says her life is over now, more or less. She says that she has to leave Salem right away. They go into the bathroom and for some reason after having a good talk Chelsea leaves her hairbrush . Willow comes out from one of the stalls and takes the hairbrush. Here is where we freeze frame, of course.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 12, 2007 9:29 PM
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