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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

Philip yells at Willow about how she lost Claire. He clearly wasn't paying attention when she said that she hoped he would lose custody to Shawn and Belle. She wonders if he's going to turn her in to the police. He says he isn't turning her in but she has no more free ride with him, as it were. He doesn't care about Shawn's baby since Claire is now missing. She thinks they survived and are somewhere on an island and Philip says if this is so they will try to contact the Bradys. He tells her their deal is off but Willow takes his keys and says it's over when she decides it is. He forces the keys out of her hands and kicks her out but gives her some money for the road first. She calls him a bastard. Philip gets a box marked "remains' from the back seat.

Bo and Roman talk about the Steve and EJ problem. Bo tries calling Kayla but can't find her. Roman gives out photos of Steve and Kayla and Bo thinks that perhaps Shawn could help. If only he were here. They say that they definitely have to find him. Problem is that they don't know where he is. In comes Philip who offers them the box marked 'remains' and says that that is all that is left of the party.

There are raft shreds and Philip tells them there was blood - Claire's blood. Philip says they are all to blame. A police officer enters and tells them they have information on Steve. Bo kicks Philip out. He frets over Claire's bear. When Roman returns Bo is in a better mood - he found a piece of vinyl that was cut up a certain way - naval code for S-A-F-E - SAFE. Roman's phone rings and he tells Bo that Kayla is now with John and things are not looking too good.

Willow catches up with Philip and tells him that if he doesn't help her that she will tell everyone it's his baby and by the time he proves her wrong his reputation will be ruined. He asks her to meet him at the mansion the following day.

Kayla worries that removing one of John's kidneys will kill him. Having seen the Bodies Exhibit here in Seattle I must say I can see what she means. He says if she doesn't do it then the horrible faux doctor will do it. She realizes that she has no choice but to do it and gets started. After she finishes she tells everyone that the next day are going to be critical for John's survival.

Sami and Lucas have dinner together but predictably are interrupted by EJ. He tells them he needs help with a work project - there's a contract he needs a copy of and Lucas has to call to get it faxed. While he is away, EJ tells Sami that he knows her secret. He knows that she's pregnant and shows her the letter from the doctor. He says obviously the only reason she isn't announcing it is because she knows it may be his child. Lucas briefly comes back but it turns out he had the file to the wrong place.

He leaves again and EJ says that they made love 8 weeks earlier. She insists that he raped her. He says that she needs to get a paternity test and if she doesn't he will tell Lucas. When Lucas comes back EJ congratulates him on their pregnancy - word gets out fast, he says. He takes off and soon calls him to say they need to meet the next morning. EJ gets another call - from Steve, saying that the deed has been done. EJ is pleased.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 27, 2007 7:35 PM
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