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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Two Key Events

This blog is called two key events because two key events happened. The first one starts with Marlena in her dreams where she meets up with John. He tells her that he's not dead and is struggling to come back to her. They kiss and he tells her that he has to give her some significant information about Patch - apparently he was tortured by the Dimeras. Just when he is going to give her some more significant information she is woken up by the doctor. Good going, doctor.

The meeting for Mythic begins and EJ and Billie awkwardly come in and explain that he was just helping her move. Billie and Sami are soon talking about her former relationship with EJ and Billie wonders if she just just jealous of Billie and Sami insists that she is just worried about Billie.

Kate and Lucas talks about Sami's heroic rescue effort and how Kate set Sami up to look like an idiot. Kate insists that it would have been impossible for Sami to have rescued him without the help of someone else. Look forward for this very same argument to repeat itself at least a dozen times this year. She of course brings up her professor and additionally an anthropologist who said she couldn't have lifted the beam. How an anthropologist would know such a thing, we may never know. Lucas says perhaps an anonymous farmer helped.

The presentation begins and people naturally start by asking all kinds of questions about EJ and Kate says they share equal power in the company. Sami, meanwhile, finds the technician running things and distracts him to going to the front desk and slips the surveillance disk into the dvd player. You can guess what's going to happen next. EJ goes up and tells everyone that they're committed to strict moral guidelines and the film will explain it all. Needless to say, the film is not what they expected - it's of EJ and Kate going at each other as though they were the last two people on earth and had the responsibility of repopulating it.

Billie takes it all in calmly. Just kidding. She yells at EJ that he must be crazy for sleeping with her mother. Kate can't believe it. Sami asks her, "What do morals mean to a whore?"

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 8, 2007 3:41 PM
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