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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Patch and EJ Show!

Bo and Kayla meet up at the café. They talk about Steve and how there was definitely torture but he doesn't remember who did it to him. Bo tells her about Marlena's weird dream and how John told her it was the Dimeras that tortured him. He thinks they shouldn't take the dream too seriously but she argues that she knew that Patch was brainwashed and how else would she know that? Perhaps she read it in a supermarket periodical. It was nothing more than a dream, he says. She tells him about the tarot card and the phone rings - the hospital, to tell her that he escaped. Bo thinks he knows where he would have gone.

EJ, on the phone with dear daddy Stefano, tells him how all is going well. Suddenly our hero Patch bursts in and says he knows he tortured him - EJ denies all but then whips out the devil tarot card sending him reeling. He tells Patch that he will be the best soldier they have had yet and Patch says he will be a soldier for nobody. EJ tells him that he has to be or else someone will get hurt - Stephanie or Kayla. EJ tells Patch that he owns him and makes him suffer using the amazing power of a card that you can probably buy online for like fifty cents. Kayla and Bo rush in, with Kayla yelling at EJ - what has he done? Patch says that EJ is the one that tortured him and that he'd rather be in jail than at the hospital again so Bo says he will take him there. Kayla and Patch go out to the car and on the way out Kayla slaps EJ and tells him he will pay for what he did. Bo gives him a long stare.

Bo and EJ argue over what EJ did. EJ says he's just a simple businessman and Bo says he's a DiMera. Steve should be at home with Kayla, not locked up in jail. EJ says he's dangerous and Bo tells him it's his own fault. As he leaves Bo tells him to go to hell and EJ stands alone and tells the tarot card, "Not before you." How rude he is to the card.

The doctor on the ship is concerned about the lack of immunization related information on Claire. Shawn tells him that they will get it for him. Belle worries about what they can possibly do and Shawn says that they will just say they lost it.

Philip is angry that the detectives he has hired still have nothing. He gets a visitor in the form of Lucas, who compliments his good looks. He tells Philip that he and Sami were similarly worried when Will was kidnapped. Lucas tells him he is there to plead for his job and Philip tells him that he was not loyal so he doesn't have much of a chance but he will let him talk with Victor. Enter Victor, who is in no mood to talk. That's pretty rare on Days. Victor tells him to get out. Lucas takes the hint pretty well. Victor tells Philip that Lucas chose to leave the company through his refusal to comply. He also says he will get tax records of everyone travelling out from Canada and he will clearly spot the two people without tax records - Shawn and Belle. Outside, Lucas can't get his car started and Philip comes out and tells him to borrow his car and not to worry - when he takes over the company he will hire him back.

Later, Victor presents Philip with the tax records and tells him to get to work finding Shawn and Belle. Willow comes in and tells him that the doctor confirmed she is indeed pregnant. Most women in Salem seem to be pregnant. He tells her if Shawn is not the father he will throw her out. Willow helps him look through the papers and suddenly proclaims that she has found Shawn and Belle.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 12, 2007 7:39 PM
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