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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: The Looooooove Boat

Max and Mimi are at the police station discussing the Bonnie / Conner situation. Conner is back at the juvenile ranch because apparently they haven't figured out that there is no way he's only seventeen. Roman comes and tells them that Bonnie confessed to everything. Apparently he came home drunk one night and hit her and she killed him. It was self-defense, says Max. Nevertheless, says Roman, she will be charged with Murder. After Roman leaves Mimi says she can't believe that her father hit her mother. Perhaps there is DNA on the ring that will prove that her father hit her mother. She goes in to see Bonnie and asks why she killed her father and why she lied to her about his being still alive. Bonnie says she didn't want to lose her and Mimi assures her that she won't lose her. Roman comes in and books her. They leave.

Abby is doing something on her laptop (maybe she's reading General Hospital Fodder?) and she gets to meet Jed, who says he's in her class with Professor Sinclair. They talk about John Reed and the film Reds. Enter Chelsea, who has found something else to whinge about - calculus class and how she is failing it. He says she should just drop it, in that case. Chelsea tells Jed to leave shortly after they are introduced. Abby says she should get Nick as a tutor. She replies that she wants to stay away from Nick and just make him jealous. As she leaves she tells Jed he can have her back now. He asks for a ride to the mall. She gets the idea that Jed's friends are having some sort of bet involving her. She tells him to tell his friends that he struck out and his friends laugh at him after she leaves.

Doctor Rebert tells Nick that Chelsea will be starting and he starts fumbling around. The good doctor tells Nick that he's an idiot when it comes to women. Max comes in and asks if Nick can test the DNA of the ring. As he is about to leave Max asks if he is going to see Abby later and when he says he will asks if he will say hi for him. Chelsea comes and Doctor Rebert tells her that they will have dinner and discuss work protocol. They decide to take off and Nick glares at them.

Max goes back to the police station where Mimi says she knows her mother is covering for someone - perhaps Patrick or Conner. She says she wants to go and do something else and he says he can't. He has work to do. She says she'll wait for him at his place and after she leaves he calls Abby and leaves her a message to meet him at the garage.

Shawn tells Belle to relax - they're going to get off the ship. Outside, Stratton argues with Philip about what they're going to do. Stratton knocks on the door. They get into the room and find that Shawn is not there. They break down the door to the bathroom and find it empty of Shawn - and realize he escaped through the vent. Belle says she had no idea Shawn was going to do that. After they leave Shawn comes out from under the bed with the keys and they go out only to find Willow who asks if they fancy themselves going somewhere.

Meanwhile, Philip and Stratton find the officer that Shawn knocked out to get the uniform. Willow prepares to sound a fire alarm but then doesn't. She walks away and they take off. Stratton and Philip find Willow and she says that they got away and Philip is perfectly okay with it. I'm kidding - he flips out. Shawn tells Belle they have to jump on the boat. He tells her that there's no other way they can make it and hold hands and jump - and we freeze frame here.

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 22, 2007 5:08 PM
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