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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Impossibly Heavy Beam

Sami is pleased as punch with the way things have been going. Since this is Days of our Lives, you know this means that something awful is going to be happening soon. The alleged television producers bring Sami into the cabin where she rescued Lucas and they have it all set up just as it was before the great rescue, with a stuffed dummy in place of the real Lucas. Lucas thinks he's a bit more muscular than the dummy. The producers record Sami as she talks about the circumstances leading up to the rescue and then they say the icing on the cake would be if she would show them how she got the beam off of him. They assure her that the beam is at most half the weight of the real beam.

If they were real television producers, they would be using something more along the lines of painted foam, but never mind that. Sami struggles to get the beam up and of course fails. They push her to really try and then Lucas comes in and yells at her to stop before she hurts the baby. This leads Kate to realize that Sami is, in fact, pregnant. Either that, of course, or Lucas thinks of Sami as a baby. Kate overapologizes and wishes that she had known about the pregnancy. She has the producers record the beam being lifted up - Kate is the one lifting the beam, of course. After Sami and Lucas leave, they wonder why she really is doing this. Since she already told them once, she tells them there's no need for repetition. I'm kidding, of course.

Nick questions why the police won't let Shawn go and the officer tells him that Shawn's 'friend' Philip has put forth kidnapping charges. Shawn's flawless defense is that Philip is not his friend. I think Johnny Cochran would say, "If he's not his friend, then you must dis-apprehend." That would get him off. Nick insists on the police officer getting in touch with Roman Brady, the commissioner over in Salem. The fact that Shawn is related to Roman does not escape the police's fantastic power of observation but they don't seem to be bothered. Shawn says it's a horrendous idea to have them call but Nick says he knows what he's doing. Shortly after this, the officer lets Shawn go because he realizes that it's not really a kidnapping charge. It's either that or the "not a friend" defense worked.

Philip enters the safe house where Shawn and Belle were staying with their dear friend Merle. He finds a woman holding a child and tells her to get out of there before she gets hurt. The woman, naturally, soon meets up with Chelsea and the baby she is holding turns out to be Claire. I guess that's one thing he didn't learn while with the Marines. Philip finds Belle and snatches the doll she is holding and when he realizes he has been tricked he decides that it's just not worth it anymore and leaves for home to live a more quiet, humble life. Actually, he flips out and tells her that he's going to find Claire and be a father to her - and Claire will surely hate Belle for all this. Philip, of course, has the idea that the woman he sent away has Claire. Good thinking. Obviously there's no way she passed Claire on to someone else.

Merle meets up with Nick and Shawn (and Chelsea) and tells them about how the ship going to Africa is now long gone but there's a cruise ship going to Australia they can get on - for a price. They need nearly ten thousand dollars for passports and tickets. Shawn has no idea where he's going to come up with that sort of money. Nick says he'll get the money and comes back with it shortly. Enter Belle. She finds out the great news and they exchange hugs and Belle gives Chelsea letters for her mother and father. After they leave, Chelsea asks Nick what time it is and he says he doesn't know and it is obvious that he pawned off his watch to give the money to Shawn. Nick says that saving a baby's life is more important than a watch. Chelsea is super impressed.

Willow, angry at Philip, decides that she is going to get her revenge on him by stealing his stuff. Naturally he finds her doing this and tells her to get out. His phone rings and it's the police captain, who calls him to come over. He goes over only to find out that Shawn was let go. It just wasn't in their jurisdiction. Officer Pete tells him that he may be a big fish back in Salem but here he's just another snobby tourist. Willow, meanwhile, goes to the safe house and encounters Merle, who tells her not to bother with the mace since he's immune to it now. Super.

Kayla meets up with Patch at Chez Rouge. She's quite pleased that he took her there. It's not too long before he spots EJ, who strolls in looking happy for himself. Patch sits himself across from EJ and starts asking him about Benjy and why he is having these strange episodes, and of course EJ pretends he doesn't know anything. Meanwhile, he taps his knife against the table in a very obviously rhythmic manner which sends Patch into a range, and he runs over and holds the knife against EJ's throat.

Kayla manages to settle him down and EJ assures him he will press charges against him - attempted murder. Patch and Kayla get away and Kayla tells him that he badly needs help. Suddenly Patch flips out again and runs into the restaurant and as he pushes himself and EJ through the window a la Bridget Jones' Diary, we have another curiously animated freeze frame sequence. They're really ramping up the freeze frame technology. This was like something out of La Jetée.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 5, 2007 2:54 PM
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