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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Some Cheese For Your Whine??

Chelsea has dinner with Doctor Rebert, who is apparently a wine expert. Nick, meanwhile, sits alone and can hear everything Chelsea says which is probably because she is speaking loudly on purpose. Maggie wonders if he is there to rescue her and tells him that she can handle herlself. Doctor Rebert tells her about the staff at the hospital, describing Doctor Fletcher as a Letch. He tells her about his former girlfriend who was almost as beautiful as Chelsea. Nick tells Maggie that Chelsea isn't 21 and yet is drinking. Maggie goes to their table and tells Dr. Rebert that Chelsea isn't old enough to drink. She should come back when she's 21.

Before she leaves she goes up to Nick and says he's a spiteful jerk. Chelsea walks off and Nick tells Doctor Rebert that she doesn't know what she's doing and Dr. Rebert says that's exactly the point and punches him and promises to really hurt him next time. Nick is probably wishing he were a telecommuter now. Maggie picks him off the ground and says he should fight for her.

In Doctor Rebert's car, Chelsea asks to be driven home and he says that they're going for food. She says she's not hungry and he says he is - only you get the feeling he doesn't mean for food.

Stratton tells Philip that Belle and Shawn are definitely gone. Unfortunately, a lifeboat is missing. Philip tells Willow this is all her fault for losing them. As they argue the ship drops anchor and Stratton comes back and says they found part of the life boat, sliced up to ribbons. It could have been a shark attack and it's too late to search now. Kendrick tell them that rescue is no longer an option because they found blood and therefore Claire must be dead. There's no other way they could have possibly found blood. He vows that if the blood is Claire's the captain will pay. Willow approaches and says she still owes him and will help.

Shawn and Belle argue about Claire, chiefly because she is now missing. They lost control of the boat. Everythings is back to normal (as normal as can be given they're on an island) when Shawn finds Claire just sitting on the beach.

Marlena makes an appearance at Kayla's place. Kayla begs Marlena to find Patch and she says she can't. She says she's desperate and compares their situation to Marlena's with John. They discuss Patch and Marlena says he must be out on a mission and how John said that Steve was programmed to kill someone. Marlena worries that Patch will be blamed for whatever he does even though he's under the control of the Dimeras. Marlena gets a call from the hospital saying that John is missing and she says she will get right there.

Patch wanders around the hospital in a trance-like state. We are expected to believe that nobody in security stops him. He goes into John's room. He finds scrubs and puts on a cap and face mask. He disconnects John from the bed. He covers up John with the bed sheet. He pulls the fire alarm and manages to get John out but suffers due to the sound of the fire alarm. He gets him to an elevator and gives him a looong stare.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 23, 2007 6:22 PM
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I sure hope Dr. Rebert (that has to be a friend's name, right?) fully appreciates Chelsea and her assets.

-- Posted by: mac at February 24, 2007 12:37 AM

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