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Days of Our Lives: Shawn and Belle Detained?

Billie receives an eviction notice. Great way to start off the day. EJ arrives and she tells him she has to be out by the end of the month because the apartment is being leased by Lucas from Victor and they're not getting on so well now. EJ gets what he thinks is a brilliant idea and takes off.

Sami and Lucas talk about her having a wedding curse. Lucas tells her perhaps a handsome prince's kiss will rid her of the curse. EJ's not around so he'll have to do. After he kisses her he says he thinks he felt the curse leave. I wonder where Kate went off to now. Lucas says they won't invite Kate, just Billie. They talk about EJ, a subject Sami doesn't want to talk about and the subject matter proceeds to knock on their door.

EJ tells Lucas that his sister is being evicted and Sami tells him to go and speak with her. EJ offers Sami a drink but she politely declines. She tells him that she wants to clarify something - he forced sex on her. To counteract he tries to force champagne on her but she doesn't drink hers and he wonders why. She says that Lucas doesn't drink and neither does she. EJ offers a toast to her child. She looks upset and he says that he meant Will, of course. Curiously you'd think she would have gotten it sincere has used this line before. Fool me once, shame on you... EJ wonders why Sami says that she has been in love with Lucas for so long when she was just engaged to Austin.

Lucas wants to give Billie money but she wants to set a good example for Chelsea. Following that logic it makes sense that she had sex with Nick - she wanted Chelsea to eventually do so as well. He tells her she should at least move in with him and Sami. Lucas hears EJ and Sami arguing and he goes over to tell EJ to get out. Nick, meanwhile, finds his way over and tells Billie what happened.

Sami tells Lucas that EJ must know that she is pregnant because he keeps on egging her on. He tells her that EJ is just being a jerk and they can make love all night. Outside, EJ says that he will eventually find out what he wants to know.

Chelsea tells Bo and Hope how she thought she fell in love with a doctor but then it turned out to be a phoney made up by Nick. She wonders if perhaps this is some sort of payback for what she has done in her life. There is great irony in being hurt the same way that she tried to hurt Bo and Hope. Bo gets a call from Roman, who needs to see him. Chelsea and Hope talk over ice cream and they forgive each other. Chelsea says she will make them proud of her one of these days.

Roman tells Bo that the district attorney has been talking with Patrick and Bo wonders if he has exposed EJ. No, but unfortunately he has exposed Chelsea - it seems that Chelsea helped Patrick now and again.

Bo comes back home and asks if Chelsea worked with Patrick and she says she didn't. He tells her that he has a signed and sworn statement that she did and he tells her she is not his daughter. How many times will he disown her this year?

Doctor Rebert tells Nick he didn't mind his using the photo of him because apparently it helped his reputation with the nurses.

Philip again tells Shawn and Belle to give back Claire. It only takes our hero Captain K to pull Shawn and Philip apart. Good thing - don't you know that he learned to kill with his bare hands in the marines? Philip wants to speak with Belle alone and Shawn and Willow leave. Philip asks to hold Claire and then tells Belle they should just forgive and forget, as it were. He wants to just go with her and live happily ever after. She can't believe he would suggest this and he says that he's still in love with her. Belle tells him that he will never get her or Claire.

Shawn and Willow talk about Philip and how now Willow lives in the Kiriakis mansion. She says that she's pregnant now and Philip is going to take care of her and the baby. Shawn doubts that she is pregnant and she points out a basketball size on her that is clearly a sign of her being pregnant - and Shawn is the father. Shawn figures out that Philip is going to try to use the baby against him somehow. Captain Kendrick tells them that he has come to a decision and they all head back inside.

Back inside, Captain Kendrick says the US consulate in Australia will settle everything but for the rest of the trip, Claire will stay with Belle and Shawn. Philip and Willow are put in the cabin conveniently located across the hall. Familiar territory for them, it seems. After everyone leaves, Shawn says that somehow they're not going to get off the ship in Australia.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 15, 2007 2:41 PM
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Hey, i think that Philip should just leave Belle and Shawn and Claire alone, i mean i know he WAS the father for her for a year. Philip needs to realize it isn't his child, he has nothing to be fighting for, but his own child. Also i think that if Sami and Lucas break up Me and my mother WILL stop watching this show along with many others. Just make the baby be Lucas' he doesn't deserve to be hurt again, and neither does Shawn and Belle.

Also make EJ pay for what he has done.

Thanks for my time, i hope this helps and actually changes the story line a bit.


-- Posted by: Jaimelee at February 16, 2007 8:18 PM

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