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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: See You In My Dreams

Quite possibly one of the slowest episodes ever but for Days perhaps this is not a record-setter.

Billie goes to her apartment and struggles with some boxes and is surprised by EJ who offers to help her. They carry some boxes in and she tells him how she's going to the presentation that night. He says he'll give her a ride and she seems reticent - but he assures her that he's really a nice guy. They literally spend the entire episode going back and forth with him assuring her that she can trust him. He also tells her that her dream of having her own security company could be a reality as Mythic is looking to expand.

In further repetition news, Patch and Kayla spend literally the entire episode arguing about whether he should sign a form to check himself into a psychiatric ward. First he agrees, then he changes his mind, then she pleads with him, and after a lot of pong like conversation he finally agrees and signs the papers. Look for tomorrow's episode where he will surely change his mind at least a dozen times before green gelatin is served for lunch.

Sami visits Roman and he wonders why she isn't giving Kate a harder time and Sami tells him that she just wants to make peace with him. He tells her about the expert that Kate had come in and how he said there would be no way Sami could have possibly lifted the beam by herself. He wonders if EJ helped her. She tells him that it was her idea to set up EJ and asks if the interrogation is finally over and Roman says it's up to her. She cries and cries and after Roman goes to get her a glass of water Sami looks around the office and manages to find the surveillance video of Kate and EJ fiddling around like two teens behind a barn.

Marlena has a good cry with John, who suddenly jumps out of his body like that scene in Annie Hall, only Marlena isn't able to see the spirit John like Alvy is able to see the spirit Annie. He tells her that she will be able to find him in her dreams but she doesn't really hear him. The doctor comes in and tells her that they have to move him to the long term facility and his spirit jumps back into his body, causing him to stir a little bit. Marlena takes this as a sign that he's going to recover and tells the doctor there's no way she's going to let them take him away. She snuggles up with him and falls asleep and she finds herself in a dream world where she can hear his voice. He tells her to open the door and she reaches for it - and this is naturally where we freeze frame. Hopefully we'll get to the other side of the door by the end of the week.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 7, 2007 3:12 PM
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