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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Seasick Claire

Belle says she doesn't really want to leave the cabin until they get to Australia but Shawn eventually convinces her to come out. She frets about their new life together in Australia and how they're not even going to be under the same stars anymore. They worry that Claire isn't feeling well so they take her to see the doctor on the ship, who tells them that she may be seasick. The situation deteriorates when he notices that her passport has no record of Claire getting immunized. Just think, a thousand dollars more might have paid for that. It would be like "super sizing" your meal.

At the Mythic Communication presentation, things go from bad to worse as everyone is shocked by what is going on on the screen. EJ tells Kate that he's going to handle the situation and jumps up and tells everyone that they have just witnessed the newest CGI technologies and that they wanted the audience to see what would be feasible with said technologies. A huge sigh of relief from everyone.

Billie figures out that Sami is pregnant after she gets the notion that Sami is sick. She wonders why she's not rubbing it in Kate's face and thinks that perhaps the baby isn't Lucas', which Sami takes great offense to. The lady does protest too much. Billie apologizes for her accusation. Kate gives Sami a hard time but assures her that Lucas still has a job at Mythic. Kate pulls Billie aside and tells her that whatever she does, she is not to get involved with EJ. Billie tells her that she doesn't take orders from her.

Patch and Kayla talk about the therapy that he is going to get. Patch is put under hypnosis and he begins to remember the bright lights and the gurney that we always get a glimpse of him being on when he is being tortured. The doctor encourages him to remember by tapping a spoon against the table. He remembers EJ standing over him, stroking his head like a girl with a crush on the captain of the football team and telling him that he is one of them now. It's a darn shame that the other person famously brainwashed by the DiMeras is now forced to communicate through Marlena's dreams.

The doctor ends the session because he is quite upset. He and Kayla both encourage him to recall what he saw but he says he saw nothing significant. After Steve leaves to use the toilet Kayla comes back and the doctor tells her that it's pretty obvious that he must have been tortured. Perhaps they made him watch this episode of Days of our Lives. Patch comes back and tells Kayla that he needs to get out now. She reminds him that he committed to two weeks. He says he's sorry and they kiss and she leaves. Naturally he whips out a coin and unscrews the bars on his window. He tells the window that he's coming and jumps right out.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 9, 2007 2:04 PM
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