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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Return of Stefano

Nick finds Abby at the garage. He says he probably got what he deserved for pretending to be something he was not. He wonders what she is doing there - she's helping out Max. He says she's in for a world of hurt. Funny, coming from him. No, says Abby - Max likes her too. They had dinner and he said as much. Abby says she thinks she has a way for him to get Chelsea back. She says he should recommend her for the job at the lab and so he could be her hero again. She gets a call - from Chelsea, of course.

Chelsea listens to what is apparently yet another message from Nick. She and Billie talk about this and how Nick just wants to make things right. Billie wonders how she would have reacted had Nick told her in person what he said in his Lonely Splicer disguise. Chelsea wonders why she seems to be on Nick's side. Billie insists she is on Chelsea's side. After Billie leaves Abby comes over and they get into a fight when Chelsea finds out that Abby knew about Nick being Lonely Splicer. Chelsea realizes that perhaps this too is payback for treating Abby poorly. Suddenly she gets a call from Dr. Rebert with a job offer. Well - an interview offer, really. She says she will make Nick jealous through the job.

Nick has a beer at Chez Rouge and Billie approaches him, ostensibly to talk about Chelsea. Apparently Chelsea is extremely furious with Nick and it could be awhile before he is forgiven - if ever. Nick says he will get her to forgive him no matter what it takes. He tells Billie about how he's going to get Doctor Rebert to hire Chelsea but then he gets a call from Abby saying that Doctor Rebert called Chelsea with an interview offer. Too late.

Kayla tells Patch he has to do something about his condition before someone gets hurt. He says he wants to figure things out on his own. Kayla suggests hypnotherapy again and he resists. She says he's not going to get bettter by himself and he has a good cry. This soon turns into a passionate snogfest. After that is good and done with he says he will talk with Marlena about what is going on in his brain.

EJ instructs a man to bring forth the person in the truck and to put him in a nearby warehouse. The person brought into the warehouse turns out to be Stefano. EJ gives the man money and tells him not to say anything. His charts say that he's improving. EJ tells him that he has the best doctors. He tells Stefano that he came to Salem to save his life and he will do just that even if other people have to die as a result - and we naturally freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 19, 2007 5:22 PM
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