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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Pillow Talk

Abby comes looking for Max. She thinks he should be with Mimi in her time of need. He thinks he has spent quite enough time with her lately. He's almost sick of hearing himself telling her all will be well. Jed comes by and they apologize to each other. Abby apologizes for assuming he was hitting on her and Jed apologizes for hitting on her. After all this apologizing he still manages to ask her out. She says she is seeing someone. When Max comes out he tells her he has to go help Mimi with something important.

Chelsea comes into the lab with Doctor Endo, who tells Doctor Rebert that he needs to speak with him in private. Chelsea tells Doctor Rebert he shouldn't have thought he would get away with it. Doctor Endo tells Doctor Rebert that Chelsea filed a complaint and he replies that Chelsea is a liar.

Nick says it's true. Doctor Rebert says Nick is lying too and Nick shows photos he took with his phone. Doctor Rebert is taken upstairs. When he comes back back on down he is being walked in hand cuffs. Doctor Endo tells everyone that Doctor Rebert has resigned and everyone claps for heroic Nick and Chelsea. Chelsea is super impressed that Doctor Endo called her a colleague. Nick tells Chelsea that he will help her with her Calculus.

Shawn and Belle find some berries and flip a coin to decide who will eat them to see if they are okay to eat. He finds it palatable but it ends up not being so great. They can't manage on coconuts and she is horrified at the idea of eating rabbits. They say they will have fish instead. Plenty of fish in the sea.

EJ hears a knocking at the door and asks Sami why she has come by. He opens the door and she wonders how he knew it was her and he says he knew she would have to drop by. He tells Sami that he is planning on telling Lucas the truth about what happened and Sami says that he raped her. She wonders why he wants to ruin her life. EJ says all he wants is to be the father of his child. There's no way to know if it's EJ's or Lucas' child. Sami wants to make a deal with EJ and he is open to it. He asks her to find out what the Salem Police is trying to do to him.

She says they won't say and he says she can surely find out. She doesn't want to and he starts calling Lucas. She grabs the phone away from him and he says it must mean she is willing to make a deal. She asks why he came back to Salem to begin with and he says he came back for her. She tells him she certainly isn't going to throw herself at his feet and won't ever care about him. He says she's quite wrong and is afraid of how she feels. She says she's only doing this all for her family. There's a knock at the door. He wonders if it is Lucas and asks if he should open the door or if she would like to - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 28, 2007 9:27 PM
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