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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: February 14th Proposal?

Kayla visits with Patch. An unexpected visitor arrives - EJ. He says he wants to drop the charges against him. Patch says he'd rather stay right there. He tells the police to get get his release papers and Patch says he needs to help from him. Patch wonders why he is doing this and EJ says it's because he doesn't want to make more enemies. Perhaps he shouldn't have tortured him. EJ says he's delusional and there was no torture. He tells Patch to go home and build a beautiful life with Kayla. Kalya tells EJ that she will kill him if he hurts Patch at all.

A little later, EJ tells Patch that if he tries to defy him someone will surely get hurt. Let's hope he breaks the hypnotic spell like at the end of The Naked Gun. When Kayla comes back he puts his coat on and a jewelry box comes tumbling out. How convenient. Kayla tells him that he has to remove himself from this EJ situation but he says he has to make things right. I thought removing post-hypnotic suggestion was easier than this. Alas.

Abby tries to calm Nick down. He thinks as soon as Chelsea finds out about Doctor Rebert she will flip out. He is sad because they got on so well in Canada. Nick gets a phone call from Billie and takes off for his place.

Chelsea continues to give Doctor Patton - er, Doctor Rebert, everything she has. She realizes that he's not Doctor Patton. She runs away but mentions first she hope that he won't hold it against her in regards to her job prospects. Billie catches up to her and she wonders why someone would pose as Doctor Patton. She says she's going to talk with Nick about this so after she leaves Billie calls and gives Nick the heads up.

Chelsea goes over to Nick's room and suddenly sees posters for the movies "Shane" and "Patton" and realizes what is up. Obviously, Doctor Patton's parents were movie fans. No, that can't be it. Needless to say, Nick arrives and she throttles him, though not in the same way she throttled Doctor Rebert. She says he hurt her. She hurts him back by hitting him a bunch of times. She vows that she will remember him as the guy that broke her heart.

Sami is shocked by the proposal. She is so happy that she tells him she can't do it. Don't worry - he convinces her to agree to it by telling her that she loves everything about her. Lucas is so happy that he's finally going to have a child he knows is his from the start. Believe it or not, this really upsets Sami.

Thankfully they make up and she says she's going to make him happy. EJ comes to visit. Lucas tells him that they are now engaged. He wonders why they are rushing to get married. (At least they're not getting married in less than 24 hours. Gloved Hand might have to come out of retirement for that one.) He notices the kangaroo that Lucas had bought for their forthcoming baby but they say it is for Claire.

Captain Kendrick tells Shawn that they have to detain them because their passports are false. They try to bargain but nothing doing. As they try to talk their way out of it both Philip and Willow come in and Philip demands that Belle give Claire back. He tells the captain he wants to have both Belle and Shawn arrested - loudly. Then he tells the captain to take Claire away from them. We freeze frame on a very scared Belle and Shawn.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 14, 2007 4:47 PM
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