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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Dirty Doctor Rebert

Shawn isn't worried at all about Claire, as opposed to Belle, who is super worried. Shawn says he has to find food and aloe. Perhaps he will score a twofer and find a convenience store. They fret about things but they agree that this situation is only temporary and at least now Claire won't end up a Kiriakis. Belle says she will start things off by building a house. She would rather be stuck here with here as long as it is with him and Claire. They finish a residence which isn't quite the penthouse or the Kiriakis mansion but it's something. Belle tells him that they will take care of each other.

Chelsea and Doctor Rebert sit in his car and discuss their relationship. He asks if she finds him attractive and she says he seems too old for her. He insists age is a good teacher. She isn't interested and he says her job is to follow orders. This is when Nick goes up to the car, opens the door and yells, "Hey you... get your damn hands off of her." He is shocked to see that it's not Marty but Biff sitting there. I'm kidding. He actually pulls Rebert out of the car and tells him never to touch her again. Better than Marty's father, anyhow.

Dr. Rebert tells them to keep quiet about this or they will lose their job. Back at Chelsea's, Nick apologizes for everything and she asks why he followed them and he says that it had something to do with his trash talking. He worries that he will lose his job and wonders if she can forgive him now. She's not 100% there but she is leaning towards it. They decide to be friends and shake hands. He encourages her to report Doctor Rebert and says he will back her up. He tells her that everything he wrote to her as Lonely Splicer was true - and they kiss! They agree to take down the dirty doctor the next day.

Patch has John and tells EJ he knows nobody saw them leave. Apparently EJ hired a strange doctor to remove John's kidney. Patch doesn't think this is the best of ideas. He tells him he refuses to let EJ use this hack doctor. EJ agrees if he can find a substitute. Patch doesn't like the ideas that EJ has given him and he shows him the devil card to force it.

Bo tells Kayla that EJ must have stolen John and Kayla feels that it must have been Steve. She tells him about their little choking incident and he takes it in a perfectly calm manner. I'm kidding! He flips out worse than he did than *insert any time he fought with Chelsea*. Kayla worries that Steve took John to help. John did call Patch a killer, after all. Bo thinks that doesn't necessarily mean anything. He puts out on APB on Steve and Kayla encourages him to talk to EJ.

After Kayla leaves, Bo calls EJ and tells him to get to the hospital. EJ arrives soon and Bo asks him again and again what he did with Steve. EJ tells him he knows they have nothing on him and they will never win. Bo tells him they are working on their case against him and EJ insists they have nothing. Watch for this conversation to repeat itself a half a million times this year.

Back at Kayla's apartment she finds Patch. He tells her that he took John and pleads with her not to call the police or people will die including John. He tells her that he needs her help and she has no choice. They go to the warehouse and Steve tells the poor doctor he is no longer needed - Kayla will remove one of John's kidneys. We freeze frame on Kayla.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 26, 2007 7:21 PM
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