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Days of our Lives: David Lockhart Is The Father

Nick tells Max and Mimi that the bones do in fact belong to Mimi's father. Enter Doctor Patton, er, Doctor Rebert, who tells Nick that they ran an ad in the paper for a lab assistant. Nick realizes that Chelsea might have seen the ad.

Max and Mimi discuss the bones. Perhaps they should go to Abe to talk with him about it. Mimi can't figure out why her mother and brother would steal the bones to begin with.

Abby wonders if Chelsea is getting a crush on Nick. She says she is not but she is impressed by what he did in Canada. Billie comes in to tell her that she is proud of her. Chelsea tells Billie that she's going to get a proper job. Billie shows her the ad in the paper for a lab assistant. She gets more than a bit upset that Nick didn't tell her. She then tells Billie about how Nick told her that he was intimate with an older woman but he didn't say who it was. They go to the hospital where Chelsea gets an application and worries about the part where it asks if you have ever been convicted of any felonies. Billie encourages her not to check it off as she just got community service. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Doctr Rebert walks out and she tells her mother it's Doctor Patton and goes over and gives him about two and a half billion kisses.

Nick tells Abby about how he's worried that Chelsea will take the job. She tells him he should be honest with her. Since this is Days, we know that's not going to happen voluntarily. He says perhaps he could say that it's Doctor Patton's doppelganger. He agrees to be honest but asks her to come with her as backup.

The doctor tells the captain of the boat that he is suspicious of Shawn and Belle and wants to see if they are who they say they are.

Celeste comes to visit Abe and he tells her he's worried about not being able to take good care of Theo anymore. He suggests perhaps Theo could live with Celeste for awhile. She tells her that perhaps she could be his resident psychic. He says it's a great idea and if they stick together they will get closure with regards to Lexie. Max and Mimi come to visit - they tell him about the DNA match. He says he will have to tell Roman about this.

Roman visits Sami but it is not a social call. He calls her out for stealing the surveillance disc and having it shown at the meeting. He says he could easily arrest her for what she did. She tries comparing it to what Kate did but no go - that was a lot more private. He tells her he clearly can't trust her and that what she did was inexcusable.

She tells him that she's more than willing to do the time for her crime. She's a poet and quite probably knows it. He tells her to just make sure it doesn't happen again. When Lucas comes home she tells him she has to tell him something and he isn't going to like it. Could it be that she's going to admit that EJ raped her? That he helped her save Lucas? Well, before he even has a chance to let her tell him, he tells her what his mother said about what happened and he says it is great. He starts rambling about how lately things have been happening that give him the idea that you shouldn't wait for what you want and when Sami asks what he's getting at he gets on his knee and proposes.

Shawn and Belle enjoy the cruise. Things get a little ugly when Belle finds an article in the newspaper which has an article about them abducting Claire. Belle panics and Shawn tries to calm her down. Things get a bit ugly when the Captain comes by to tell them that there are problems with their passports.

I would have thought Lucas on one knee with the ring might have made for a nice freeze frame but then the show might get to be too cheerful.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 13, 2007 4:19 PM
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